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    I saw a live training session with Dave and the player he was using as an example he had all the stats on him like how often he played from different positions and how he played from the blinds etc. how do I find this info on myself and my opponents?

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    Hi billnmex!

    These are taken from a HUD (heads-up display) and from reports from the particular tracker that he uses. The two most common are PokerTracker and HoldemManager.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      I know the statistics are not as detailed, and it involves a little work, but you get a lot of helpful information on your play from the site.

      Check out the tab labeled Stats that appears in the lower left corner. It is along the top of the chat box. You are given a lot of information that can be helpful.

      1 --- number of total hands.
      2 --- big blind statistics (number played, number of times in BB, percentage played.)
      3 --- small blind stats, same as the BB.
      4 --- hands played in all other positions. Sorry, it's not that detailed
      5 --- total hands played to hands dealt.
      6 --- showdown statistics (wins, number of showdowns, winning percentage)
      7 --- number of wins without showdowns.

      Understand that the computer defined played as seeing the flop. Compile this data on a computer spreadsheet, such as Excel. Once you have a database of ten thousand hands, minimum, evaluate and adjust. If you are playing different styles, you should keep a separate database for each. I would have three if you are an active player --- ring (includes zoom), SNG, and MMT. This is because each style has a different criteria as to what is appropriate.

      Gather your stats at the end of tourneys, before you log off the game. If you're on the dot-com version, you might be able to request such information. I'm stuck in chip action and no records are kept by the site. If you are in rings, sit out first and gather the numbers.

      Some things you want to check:

      1 --- SB played. You want this around the 20 - 25% range. Higher, and you're playing too loose, of have the mistaken impression that you are half committed.

      2 --- BB played. This might give you an idea about the general game style played by others. If your percentage is high, either players seldom raise, or have huge raises. Learn which and adjust your game.

      3 --- Total played. The higher, the more you are probably chasing.

      6 --- Showdown percentages. The higher your winning percentage, the better your hand selection. You'll have more showdowns in tourneys, so anticipate a lower winning rate. Shoot for always exceeding 50% of your showdown opportunities.

      7 --- No showdown wins. If this is a high number, you might be overaggressive. You want to extract the most chips when you're in the lead, which means not scaring the fish.

      Although I'm in chips as an American, you might get an idea by looking over my stat threads under poker education. And one very important clarification - The old hedgehog is no poker authority.



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