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Is there any point raising with anything but the nuts in micro stakes?

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  • Is there any point raising with anything but the nuts in micro stakes?

    I find situations like this all too common. Only a handful of hands on villain but he was 40 VPiP and 6% PFR. He KO'd me a few hands later with QJo vs my A3o. I find players like this limp far too much but they never fold. I hit the flop 1 time in 3 but any flop hits 100% of their range. They shove with Ax, bottom pair even a gutshot. Should I tighten my range and fold. I don't think limping is good with our stack, I'd rather take the hand down pre flop so should I bet harder? Frustrated
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    Hey Oval!

    You'll run into this type of player all the time. The way that I deal with them is to raise preflop and then when I do hit the flop, value bet them to death. When I hit the flop, they'll pay you off.
    If they bomb the flop and I miss, I have no option but to fold. I'll lose the smaller pots, but when I hit the flop, they'll normally double me, so I'll come out ahead in the long run.

    John (JWK24)

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      Thanks John, guess this is a frustration post more than a cry for help. It does my head in knowing the wide range they play, it could well have been a bluff but could be anything from a gutshot to an over pair. Don't think a set is there but you never know with these villains
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        You can't bluff a calling station. Instead take John's advice and value bet them to the felt when the opportunity presents itself.



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