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Stats guide me in understanding my stats

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  • Stats guide me in understanding my stats

    Hi (rockyron59) all i have been playing ok and my trend has steady out so i look at my stats to see if i can see needed improvement arears and realise i do not no how to process the stats to my advantage help please

    Stats VPIP38.73%

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    The old hedgehog is American, so I have none of the fancy software. Not worth it in play money since there is no hand history there.

    That said, I have amassed stats based on what the site provides free and with an Excel spreadsheet, can give you a few numbers and how to interpret them.

    1 --- Hands played, which I define as seeing the flop, can tell if you are too loose or if you have a tendency to chase. If you are seeing the blinds more than 25% in tourneys, or more than 20% in ring, you need to be more selective.

    2 --- Big blind play can tell you the characteristics of your type of game if you keep stats by game type. Since I only play SNG games, a high percentage of played hands can mean players tend to call only pre flop. You might be able to steal by betting heavy. It also could give you confidence calling the pre flop bet (usually just matching the BB) if you have a good hand, but not a strong one, like connectors or low pocket pairs.

    3 --- Small blind play. You want this to be lower than 20% regardless of game type. Don't get caught in the philosophy that you've already committed half a BB, so may as well pay the piper. It's a chip drain, take it from one who learned that the hard way.

    4 --- Showdown percentages. Now this can be influenced by the game you pick since tourneys have more showdown situations. The idea is to have your percentage higher than 50% of the situations. A high percentage indicates you are selecting good hands for that inevitable confrontation. The higher it is, the better your selection process. People can debate what is a good target. I figure over 60% is very good in a tourney. Anything over half should be considered acceptable, but needing improvements.

    5 --- No showdown wins. Again, the higher the number the better. This can be used to determine your aggression range. It might also indicate you are overplaying a strong hand. This could indicate a need to improve your betting strategy.


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      If those stats are for league games (or indeed anything but 4-max games) you're playing too loose to be profitable in the long run. 39/16 for VPIP/PFR is somewhere between loose-aggressive and flat-out crazy. I'd recommend you tighten up a lot. If you routinely call pre-flop raises with dominated junk like AT/KT/QJ, just stop. It's not good for you.
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        It's tough to properly interpret these stats without knowing what you are playing.

        Cairn offered some interesting insights, although I think they seem to be more geared to SNGs than anything else.

        I think your VPIP is really high no matter what game you are playing (except HU). Also with your PFR being at 15%, you are likely calling WAY too much preflop, and likely with poorer hands. Look to call less and be more aggressive, your PFR and VPIP numbers should be within a few points of each other e.g. 25/21 or 18/15



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