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Bankroll Question.

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  • Bankroll Question.

    Hey guys, i'm fairly new to competitive online poker and i'm currently a student so my bankroll at most times isn't huge. I normally only deposit about £10 at any given time (around $16). I'm just wondering if you guys think my strategy is correct. I've always played STT $1.50 9 man tables in which top 3 get paid. Is this a good strategy for small bankroll management? Any opinions would be great.

    Thanks in Advance, Tom.

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    Hi Tom, There is a section on Bankroll Management in the Poker Basics course, which you can find HERE. Hope this helps. umbup: Joss
    2 Time Bracelet Winner


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      So this article suggests that i should continue playing at these current stakes, as $1.50 is less than 10% of $1.60. However if my bankroll drops to say $10, i should consider at this point dropping to any stake below $1, is this what the lesson suggests?

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        Hi Parkyboy94! For tournaments, the general rule (which I do use too) is that I need to have 100 buy-ins in my bankroll before playing a given level of tournament. Therefore, to play $1.50 tourneys, I need to have $150 in my bankroll. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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          Hi John thanks for your reply! so my low sum of $16 means i should be entering $0.10 tournaments? :p i can't afford to deposit $100 etc as my current occupation doesn't allow so, so $16 is about as much as i can afford at any given time.


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            Originally posted by Parkyboy94 View Post
            ... so $16 is about as much as i can afford at any given time.
            If you play 1.5 out of 16$ you are going out of money really really fast, trust me, i know

            16$ seems the perfect sum to start the regular SNG 0.25c (start with the 90man ones imo) - they take long to complete, have a bigger payout than 45 man and plus you get 64 buy-ins, and, the biggest plus is that you get to play waaaaay more hands than in a turbo, hence a very good opportunity to learn.

            To quote from a book 'The money you save equal the money you win' - so, if you manage not to bust your BR (the 16$) in the first month, you can add another 16$ next month and hence you increased you BR ;-)

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              Hi Shoim thanks very much for your reply.

              I have now realised just how easy it is to lose a $16 bankroll playing the $1.50 tournaments and have only really today thought about this. I will give the 90 man $0.25 SNG tables a trial run for a month and see how that goes instead.

              Do you suggest i multi table these tournaments because of the length?

              Also it would be a shame to lose the VPP i get from the $1.50 SNG but i guess this doesn't matter in the long run as much as keeping my bankroll does? xD


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                Hey Parky,

                As you are just arriving at the poker tables VPP should not be your concern, for the moment.
                Multi-tabling - if you find them boring, yes, but be disciplined about it. Start with 2, for the first 2 weeks , try 4 for 2 sessions after and analyze your results and comfort level with them, and re-asses from there.
                One more thing, start looking for books !

                Good luck,

                PS : Also a HUD .. since you can't invest in commercial products I suggest :


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                  Ok thank you, I'm very close to Chromestar for this month that was all.

                  Thank you for the advice on multi-tabling i shall begin with 2 and see how we go.

                  I have began reading Harrington's series on NLHE Tournament play and finding these books very helpful. Any more you know of please let me know.

                  Thank you greatly!



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