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What Qualifies as a Bad Beat

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  • What Qualifies as a Bad Beat

    Hey, I wanted to know what qualifies as a bad beat.

    I was playing in a Live tournament last night.

    this hand i want to talk about was blinds were 150/300 ante 50

    I was Big blind everyone folded bar 1 person who raised to 900, I had K 8 Suited and called.

    Flop came K 8 6 Rainbow

    I put bet 600 he pushed all in and I called.

    we had roughly same stack he was 4000 i was 3750 I called

    He turned a 6 7 Suited Turned a 7 and Rivered a 6.

    Would that qualify as a bad beat or did i not play it correctly and folded the 2 pair

    Obvious answer in hind site is I should of folded but what do you think

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    I would never fold here readless, you're way too shortstacked to ever fold top 2 on a board as safe as this, the pseudo connectors on board might be slightly scary but it's not that big of a deal he needs to push all in to protect his hand if he has a monster from my pov, I think top 2 is miles ahead here most of the time, KK and 88 are unlikely so the only thing you could really be fearing is 66, he might make this play with 79s, K6, 86, etc. I think folding is a mistake.

    This does qualify as a bad beat.
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      Hi Mryilly! That's more of a cooler than a bad beat, IMO. When the 600 bet goes into the pot, the SPR (stack to pot ratio) is just about 1. That means that basically any bet has to be an all-in. On the flop, with almost 3k in the pot, the problem with this hand is that I have to bet at least 1/2 pot in order to price out the draws that the opp could have... and that bet pot-commits me (will have over 1/3 of my stack going into the pot)... so I need to shove the flop. By only betting 600, if the opp calls, they now only have 14% pot odds and if they don't put you on two pair, they think they have 5 outs, which from the rule of 4 and 2 is worth 10% per street... so while they're behind, they're not very far behind. I'm never folding K8 here, but what I would have done is to shove the flop. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        Originally posted by Mryilly View Post
        Obvious answer in hind site is I should of folded but what do you think

        That guy sounds like he was a little crazy for shoving when he had nothing but third pair on the flop, and no draw or anything, lol. However it happened you got it all in while you were way ahead and should be happy with that. Don't think that just because you ended up losing the hand that you should have folded

        Edit: heh ... geeze this thread is over a week old I see now. Ahh well.



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