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If stacks are deep enough, what size should a standard 5bet be?

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  • If stacks are deep enough, what size should a standard 5bet be?

    Concerning cash games (or start of a large tourney I guess), if the effective stack is 300+ BBs deep I am curious about what a "standard" 5bet amount would be pre-flop. I just mean as a starting point before adjusting for reads or for what you are trying to accomplish with the raise, etc. "In a vacuum" as they said in live training today. I would say that the standard 2bet would be 3 BBs (I know it's less when on the button for a lot of people, but lets just go with 3 BBs for this scenario ), while standard 3bet seems to be 9 BBs, and 4bet seems to be 22 BBs (that's correct for 4bet right?). What would the 5bet size be? I know this situation doesn't come up all the time. Usually people just have around the 100 BB stack level and the 5bet is just all-in. I have just been thinking about this, and really am not sure.

    Thanks for any insights


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    the progression seems to imply 45BB
    just pot it


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      I was thinking 44 BBs (just double the 4bet size), but I haven't been sure if that is enough. It seems like that would now give good odds to the villain to flat the 5bet to set mine, etc, if they aren't ready to give up and also don't want to get all-in pre. Maybe a 5bet pre should just be all-in even with 300 BB effective stacks? Lol, that seems like a bad idea unless you have AA. I dunno.
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        5-bets are infrequent enough that "standard 5-bet" is meaningless. The bet should be sized according to your intent or desired response.


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          Also, I guess if you 5bet then the villain will put you on KK or AA and then can play their hand "perfectly" knowing what you have. They know they need two pair plus. If they have KK then will they be willing to put in 300 BBs pre when you are willing to put in 300 BBs pre? Maybe if stacks are that deep then it's just better to play a smaller pot pre flop and then when you hit top set go ahead and try for a large pot? Hmmmm



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