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How many hands per week do people play?

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  • How many hands per week do people play?


    So, I'm trying to figure something out. Is 40k hands a week of zoom a realistic amount to consider playing or is that too much? I mean if they were not working a "real" job, but just playing poker. I know a lot of it depends on the person, and the stakes. If I have to choose a stake, then I would say what about 25nl? I'm talking about someone who isn't a superhero or poker genius.

    How many hands per week do people play?



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    It really depends, but for what it's worth, only a tiny minority of players have the time and skills to grind 40,000 hands a week. 40k a week would be about 2 million per year, which is Nanonoko-level.

    For a recreational player that has a day job, 5k hands a week would be quite a lot.
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      Interesting topic for me given how my sessions have gone recently.

      I've played roughly 11,000 hands between Monday and Tuesday. To be honest, I've felt that to be a bit of a drain on my energy, but I do have a full-time job too. I was off on Monday so that was easier, yesterday was painful at times.

      I've played a decent whack of those hands at 10NL Zoom.

      If I didn't have a 7:30-15:30 job I would think I would be able to handle 40,000, possibly at 10NL.


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        Hi Tyirl

        Like Arty said, 40,000 is ambitious. A big factor is how many tables you can play, and how long of a stretch of time at which you can play competently. I recommend keeping schedule/dairy of your hand capacity - so you know where your comfort level is - then look for ways that you can increase it. The great thing about Zoom is you can always sit out, take short breaks, and take care of other chores. Like prepare dinner, shower, take out the garbage etc.

        I only started playing 6max Zoom recently, and so I can not give a definitive answer of my own capacity yet. However, playing 3 tables for 2-3 hrs (leisurely breaks included) 4-5 days a week, seem to easily yield about 7,500 hands. Read my blog thread for a better account.

        Best of Luck
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          Alright, thanks for the replies

          I wish I could just play for a week or two on Pokerstars to figure some things out, but since I live in the United States my government has decided to protect me from losing money at the game of luck that is online poker while they constantly promote skillful stuff like lotteries.



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            For what it's worth, I averaged on the low side of 3,000 hands a week. If I have a bad week of television, I can get that up to 4,000 plus. That is playing SNG games that average 80 hands per hour. Suggest you track your time and use an estimate of 100 hands per hour for zoom. If you're into keeping records, after a week of stats, you'll have an approximate idea.

            (total hands played divided by time in minutes) times 60 = hands per hour. Remember to round down since you cannot play a fraction of a hand.


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              I can play up to 20K hands a week when I'm playing every day.

              However I think this is too much for me and I'm trying to cut down on this volume as I feel my play is suffering as a result.


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                Ok, thanks all

                This was the info that I needed. I'm sure that 20k plus would be too much for me per week.


                P.S.- Just for the record, I CAN play a fraction of a hand. It just depends whether or not something shiny catches my attention in the middle of the hand.
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