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Most Important Poker Skill Set

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  • Most Important Poker Skill Set

    My thread, we discussed opponent's mistakes as the main source of Poker winnings. While this is true, it does us no good if we cannot exploit these mistakes.

    This brings us the Most Important Skill Set In Poker!:

    Situational Awareness

    What are the components of this skill set

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    Information analysis, identifying relative and abnormal trends.
    Logical applications, making the most profitable action over a big sample given the current situation.

    "see that fish limp, I'm gonna iso this guy"
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      Beating poker comes down to two things in my opinion: Accurate hand-reading and accurate reading of a player's tendencies.
      You do that by being aware of a number of factors, such as position, stacksize, reads/notes/stats, and meta-game (e.g. 'Who's on tilt?' or 'Is this guy gonna lose his mind if I 3-bet him for the nth time?').

      Since the fundamental theorem of poker basically boils down to playing your hands as if you could see your opponent's cards, then playing against his likely range (and knowing how it will react to actions you take) is how you maximise your profits.


      You range your opponent on a weak hand, and you believe he has a tendency to fold anything but monsters, so you should bluff.
      You range your opponent on a weak range, and you believe he is incabable of folding (he's a station), so you shouldn't bluff, but you should bet BIG for value if you're beating his range.
      You have a a weak hand and believe villain both has a better hand and isn't folding. You should check-fold, since bluffing would be a mistake by you.

      At the microstakes, the most common mistake villains make is calling with weak hands. Ergo, you should valuebet often with your better than average hands, and seldom bluff with the weaker hands.
      Just how strong those hands are relatively, depends on the situation, as you point out.
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