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What is side pot and main pot ??

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  • What is side pot and main pot ??

    Guys I'm new and I don't understand exactly what is main and what side pot! Also why some times I win both side and main pot and some times I win only one of them and some one else wins the other?

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    any time one or more players go allin and 2 or more players call them, a main pot and side pot(s) are created

    main pot = what the shortest stacked player is playing for, along with all other players in the hand
    side pots = what the remaining players play for, the allin player cannot win it

    heres an example:

    player a) 100 chips
    player b) 200 chips
    player c) 400 chips
    player d) 800 chips

    player A goes all in, player B also goes allin. players C and D call.

    player A is playing for 100x4 = 400 chips (main pot)
    player B is playing for the main pot, and for 100x3 (his excess 100, and player C and D's extra 100) so this is sidepot 1, for 300 chips. player B can win up to 700 chips here
    players C and D are playing for the main pot, the side pot, and if either of them bets later in the hand then an additional sidepot will be created for just players C and D to win

    i hope this explains it


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      The best way to explain this is with an example. Player 1 (500 chips): Player 2 (2000 chips) : Player 3 (2000 chips): Preflop all three players go all in. Because Player 1 has only got 500 chips, he is only entitled to win 500 chips from both players 2 and 3. Therefore, the main pot is 1500 chips, which all three players could win. However Players 2 and 3 also went all in. Therefore a side pot must be created to account for the 1500 chips both players have remaining. Therefore there is a side pot of 3000 chips which only players 2 and 3 can win. The board runs out First you settle the main pot. Player 1 wins with AA and wins the 1500 chips in the main pot. Then you settle the side pot. Player 2 wins this pot and wins 3000 chips. Player 3 has lost all his chips. There can be multiple side pots if there are multiple short-stacked players all in. If the players with more chips haven't yet gone all in, they can still bet as normal for the side pot they are contesting. I hope this is clear!


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        this can happen if more than 2 players are in a pot and the smallest stack is all-in.
        if the remaining players bet more than the smallest stack then there is at least one side pot.

        the main pot is (number of players involved)*(size of smallest players stack)
        the player with the best hand wins this pot, and this is the only pot the smallest stack can win.
        the rest of the amount is in the side pot(s) which can be further divided if more players are all-in.

        too late. already answered twice!


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          Side pots are created when a player with less chips is all in.

          For example 3 players are playing. Player 1 has 10 chips player 2 has 2000 chips and you have 5990 chips.

          Blinds are at 100\200\50

          All three of you push all in

          The main pot is between all three of you and has 30 chips in it. 10 from player 1 which was matched by you and player 2

          The side pot has 3980 chips the rest of player 2 chips which you matched. You get a refund of 3990 chips.

          2 pots you and player 2 can win both pots but player 1 can only win the main pot.

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            TY guys, especially to the illustrated replay, I now understand how it works!umbup:



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