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  • Outs

    Originally I posted how many out for 50-50 per flop (dummy) excuse the typo & bad memory retrieval was probably very late & past my ZZ time.

    I was doing the Poker Basic Course Quiz at PSOL & one of the questions was (how many outs do you need in order to call a coin flip pre flop (50-50 %). It didn't specify any cards.

    Thanks Tobby3 PS I know now Thanks myton 14 outs
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    Originally posted by Tobby3 View Post
    how many out for 50-50 per flop
    Hi there Tobby3, I'm not sure what you mean by '50-50 per flop' but if it's any help here is a link to an article about calculating outs. Cheers, Raiser umbup: PS: welcome to the forum


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      Hi. Your question is a little unclear, but I think what you are asking is how many outs do you need on the flop to have a 50% chance of winning the pot at showdown.

      The simple answer is 14.

      12 outs = 45% equity
      13 outs = 48.1% equity
      14 outs = 51.2% equity
      15 out = 54.1% equity.

      But of course they do all have to be clean outs. That is, if you hit your flush draw but the board pairs, you may lose to a full house. Or to a better flush. Your set may run into a bigger set. Or you may already be ahead if opponent is bluffing. To an extent, you can adjust for some of these possibilities by discounting and adjusting the number of outs accordingly. If you still have 14 or more effective outs then you are favourite.

      Sometimes though, the situation is just too complex to get an accurate answer by trying to calculate the effective outs. In these situations, it pays to have an equity calculator like pokerstove or equilab handy, to review the hand later. By plugging in the hand details and estimating the opponents range you can get an accurate equity value for the hand. It will be too late to be of use for the hand in question, but will stand you in good stead the next time you meet a similar situation.

      Hope that helps.


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        Hello Tobby3,

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        We're here to help you so please feel free to ask any questions you may have and thank you for being a member of PokerSchoolOnline.

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          It completely depends on what you are trying to outdraw. Sometimes you might think you need "outs" with a flush draw, but you're actually already ahead of a worse flush draw. There are several common ways that two hands are roughly 50/50 on the flop, such as a combo draw (with 15 outs) vs one pair. e.g. With vs on a flop of , the "two overs and a flush draw" are actually a slight favourite, with a 52% chance of sucking out. If the 88 had flopped a set, QJs loses some outs, because top pair will no longer be good, and it could make a flush and lose to a boat.
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