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Play Money to Real Money Difficulty Comparison

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  • Play Money to Real Money Difficulty Comparison


    I'm wondering if it's possible to determine how your play money win percent would compare to playing at a real money table. For instance, is it safe to say that if you can beat $50000 or $100000 play money SnG or MTT games consistently you could potentially play microstakes real money games? Is there any real relationship between these two, and if so what's the equivalent play-to-real money comparison?

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    Take a shot gotta be worth a try right ? Just start at the 0.25 games there a plenty off loose players in them including me. If I can beat them anyone can.


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      If you are crushing the high playchip tourneys I would be very surprised if you don't also beat the £0.25 real money games. Comparing winrates is tricky because players tend to move on from playmoney quite quickly, and small sample sizes can be very misleading. You really do need to just try it and see how it goes.

      For what it's worth, when back in the day I switched from 200 playchip S&Gs to $.0.25 real money S&Gs I found far fewer complete maniacs, but no significant difference in the standard of the better players. My winrate dropped a fair bit but was still very healthy. That was three years ago though, and I didn't play the really high playchip games, so things may have changed. I suspect though that the games you have been playing are not much, if at all, weaker than the lowest real money games. Just remember that variance can dramatically distort results until you have played a large volume, especially if you are playing large field events. The smaller the fields, the smaller the variance, and the smaller number you need to play to start to get a reasonably confident estimate of your winrate.

      Good luck.


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        Real Vs Play (dinky Vs motor bike)

        To start with playing play money its not yours.So when your playing with something that doesn't matter if you loose it you would expect to play somewhat different.My analogy would be (like a child riding a dinky) there would be a lot of spills & crashes. May be another analogy would be a mother lion catching a gazelle & wounding it & giving it to her cubs to play with but the cub's don't have the killer instinct yet because mum does that for them.

        Whereas if it matters to you if you loose it its a different story.So you would expect to play somewhat more carefully. Therefor the out comes would be completely different. Riding a motor bike you are on a weapon that can damage life & limb. So a lot more care is taken so you don't get injuries (loose money you can't afford to loose).The lion cub can afford to chase gazelles all day but mum must catch to survive & feed her family.

        Gambling is a serious business & should not be taken lightly when there is money involved it MUST BE DIFFERENT.
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          Real Vs Play (dinky Vs motor bike)

          sorry double post (IF A MODERATOR SEES THIS PLEASE DELETE)
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            I have always used the playchip games to try different strategies and styles although ive never played at a high level. For me they provide an opportunity for risk free deviations (especially short handed) and so assuming that there are others who use them for this purpose then i would have to say that there would be a marked difference on occassions.

            However playing for real is a great experience so give it a try.


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              Several players who played at the micro stage compared it to chip action. The cost in real money was so small, the play turned very loose. When Americans could play for cash, I found anything under the 10-cent/20-cent ring games too crazy. Players will go with ATC. Give them a pair, an ace, or two suited connectors and they will push it to the river. Same is true in the 25-cent and less tournaments, be they MTT or SNG. My advice is to use the chip action (play money) as a training tool. It might help in these lower stakes, but the constant all-in pre flops will encourage sloppy and inappropriate play. Suggest you build a sufficient stake to play the higher priced games where most players have an understanding of the game.


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                Thanks for the input, I've been slowly building a bankroll through freerolls, but I want to make sure I'm in a position to beat the 1/2 cent ring games going in (if possible). My approach has been to treat Pokerstars like a game with ascending levels, progressing from play chips --> freerolls --> 1/2 ring games --> .50/1.00 MTT --> SnGs.. Does this approach make sense?



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