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Nits calling heros raise

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  • Nits calling heros raise

    Hi guys,

    I undestand that when a nit raises and we have position on them we definitely do not want to play dominated hands like KJ (position dependent).

    But what about when you open raise KJ, KQ OR AJ, CO and the nit calls on the button. The board comes up K95, Q95, A95, J95 rainbow.

    We cbet, and get called. Are we still going for three streets of value?

    This I understand will be dependent on reads, etc, of that particular villain, but do we usually assume that we are more than likely dominated and should be super cautious. I think it would be difficult to get a checked street.



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    Hi pullin! For me, when I'm doing that and a nit calls both pre and on the flop. I'm check/folding the turn/river if I don't improve. If I know they're ahead, then I don't want to give them another chip that I don't have to. Good luck at the tablesumbup: John (JWK24)

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      I agree with John. Against a fit/fold nit, you won't actually get 3 streets of value from a worse hand, so it's pointless even trying.
      Nits are usually calling pre-flop with pocket pairs to set-mine, but they often call the flop with these to see if you fire a second barrel. If they are still around after a turn bet, it's because they are slowplaying a hand (usually a set) that beats your top pair. If you're OOP with something like KQ on Qxxxx, your best line against a nit is probably bet(-fold) flop, bet(-fold) turn, check(-fold) river.

      You could try checking the turn for pot-control, but if you do that, they can bluff with an underpair (executing the float play, basically), and I really hate check-calling the turn and check-guessing the river against a villain that is hardly ever going to turn up with a bluff.

      Your post has reminded me that I promised my next ABC blog would be about value-betting when OOP. I guess I should get to work on that in the next few days.
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        Cheers guys,

        I thought that would be the case. Making sure I wasn't becoming to nitty myself.





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