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Good Bankroll Builders for MTT ?

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  • Good Bankroll Builders for MTT ?


    Im useless with filters but are the 250 cap $1.10 and the 55c 500 cap new games ?

    If someone such as me liked 45 man SNG would the 2 above be ideal to build up further my bankroll whilst gaining experience of MTT's ?

    Im currently thinking yes and yes but I have been wrong before so it best to know in advance

    ps tried zoom cash thinking I wouldnt like it but was ok actually really surprised me...these January challenges making me @ least look at different games than im used too (still avoiding turbos for now though)

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    yeah those cap games are quite good values, although I find you need to either min cash in all of them or go deep at least a few times (and really really deep) to make it worthwhile in the long run. They're under Tourney - Regular tab.

    I also play 45 man SNGs, and found the 55 c cap games easy to cash in, even made one final table; but the higher stake cap games have been a bust for me, also they pay far fewer spots.

    Zoom cash is fun but is a massive money drain for me; I've discovered multi tabling cash is much more profitable (or rather less draining).


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      The qualifier league games are great for bankroll building, small easy field and you can gain entry into the premier league where you can win more cash for freeumbup:umbup:


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        ive never noticed them before but a large % of the field cashes compared to normal MTT i think

        I actually mis-said part of my original post i meant gain experience whilst hopefully build up BR it is the experience of MTT which I lack(well and BR lol)...but in time exp should help with the bankroll

        They also seem to run every hour

        Oh yes evokes i nearly replied to someone elses post th e other day typed it all out but didn t send it in case i offended anyone but I did think zoom and or turbos(especially hypers) you could win a lot fast or lose a lot fast depending on how good you are...but 1 tabling zoom isnt liek turbo

        But zoom isnt really like turbos(my pet hate) I was genuinely surprised - I think I did get a lot of godo hands so maybe thta helped sure it did

        Multitabling is one thing ive come nowhere near to mastering thus far..i play tournaments usually 9 man or 45 man SNG and can sometimes try 2 at the sam etime so I gues sthta is multitabling sort of...but 3 is beyond my capabilities for now

        DrDonkin ive read quite a few of your posts and thought of he good and helps out others(see a s I have improved a bit due to PSO training I can now recognise good advice compared to people who dont know what they ar etalking about lol) yet this time I have to disagree with you but not entirely

        OK freerolls are great but maybe its just me or I watched one a long time ago and was a terrible game lots of allins withrubbish...then a weird points structure that makes you want toplay differently to how a normal MTT plays out so whilst I am still not too good I refrain from playing in the leagues(eventhough thy free as you say and so I odnt fully disagree with you lol so they ar egood value but liek I said just not for me) wel not yet anyways

        Im trying to put the emphasis on learning before playin g a lot ...then again with my lack of poker knowledge you wouldnt realise it and cos it such a hard gam e to learn and master im glad Im tryign to improve rather than play lots

        I guess theres lot of different ways to build up a bankroll such as freerolls/free leagues/FPP's and other PSO promotions.i plye din play money too long and if i joined league have a feeling it would impact on my learning but I could be mistaken

        maybe just maybe as I have built up form nothing im being a bit anti league but watched my friend play in it and we joked about the name thenagain there must be skills in turbo its just I dont seem to have them !! but i guess it is anothe roption

        Thank You both


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          I think the new capped-field MTTs are a great idea. They are the logical next step if you're already playing 45s, 90s and 180s, since you're probably not used to (or have the time for) large field games that can take several hours.
          The variance you experience will generally increase as the field size increases, but if you have an edge on the field this means a higher ROI in the long run.
          Bracelet Winner


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            Hi Arty

            cool i thought they were new and also thought they could be good for bankroll building hopefully

            Must go look if they also run at a higher buyin


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              quick update...having tried these wha evokes says is very important......1/5thor 20% of the field cahses but a lot fo the cahsing places is a very smal profit and the structure is quite fast


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                FWIW, Roslyn is completely crushing the 500-cap games. Every time I speak to her, she seems to be down to the last two tables in one of these. Maybe she can coach us.
                Bracelet Winner


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                  umbup: thats nice


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                    If you have a Full Tilt account check out the New to the Game tourneys there is often and overlay .


                    • #11
                      Arty I would appreciate some coaching

                      @REX yeah do have fulltitl account playe dmycash ones at new to the game quite a money spinner...not made masisve amount of $ butconsidering it was 1c/2c did really well

                      I plan to do this its onmy agenda when I feel im better at MTT's



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