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2$ to start, what now?

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  • 2$ to start, what now?

    So, I'm quite new to poker and although I seem to absorb the material listed on the site well, I'm unlucky when it comes to get results. I started with my 1st 2$ and after I got to 1.4$ I had this hand: So, now I'm left with 2,18$ to continue my quest for 10VPP to get the next 2$ bonus. Any advice on what I should do? I'm now trying to tag has many players as possible before I enter a table so that I know if I'm playing against alot of sharks or only a few. This resulted in a few cent gains over an hour of play 0.10 to be exact. Should I keep this strategy up or should I play more tournaments of poker school to try and raise my budget before I try to get the 10VPP? My challenge is really to get from the 2$ to a possible 20$ in a couple of months. Any tips? Thank you in advance to you all.
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    The only suggestions I could make is watch the lobby and see who's playing more than 1 table. Colour code them and then pick a table with very few players you've colour coded.

    Players that play many tables are not necessarily good players but they generally know the basics and make less mistakes. You want to play with players that make mistakes because it will make you money.

    This may go against other advice but I'd break the $2.18 into 72c buy ins. This will give you 3 chances. Normally the advice is to buy in with the maximum so you can stack off against bad players but you can't afford to lose it all in one go and bad beats do happen. A minimum buy in is 60c so go for 72 and you'll get 3 x maximum value. Play like this until you've around $10 and then you can increase your buy in amounts.

    Other than that, don't be worried if you lose the cash. With such a low bankroll it would be easy to lose it all. Don't be despondent but keep learning and you will get there.
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      Well played with the AA BTW, good bet sizings.
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        I had a similar situation. Is it a good idea, to raise for a 150% of pot, after the flop? It looks like good way to push away opponent a to take a nice pot. When I saw the flop, I was afraid of flush, and not set at all. And I think there is more chances that some of opponents have flush before the set.


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          I would say, play freerolls on the side. Try win weekly round 2 tickets, great value in those. I grinded my br back up from freerolls only. They can be quite profitable.
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            also at some point I look these up 0.10$ mtt 50$ added and 0.25$ mtt 100 $ added. great MTTs to build BR
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              Thank you for all the help and support! I'll try my best and I'll keep you guys/girls posted!


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                So, yesterday I was able to get $0.75 in a hour and half of play.

                Setting me at $2.91.

                This afternoon I went to split that money into 3 tables, 2 of $1 and one of $0.92.

                After playing for a while I was able to get to around $4 which allowed me to play in 4 table at the same time which afterwards bumped me to play 6 tables and left me at a nice $7.46 bankroll.

                Now, I really think it's possible to get to $20 even before the month is done. Maybe I was also very lucky in getting some donkies that boosted my br.

                Thank you very much for the tips.

                I started a blog about this:

                I just took it out of being private, hope you guys can see it.
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                  Congratulations on your progress so far.

                  I think you had some great advice so far to only buy in for half a stack, this seems to have worked well for you so far. I would be tempted to continue doing this until you reach $15-$20, then you have a bit more of a cushion to start buying in for full stacks.


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                    Yeh, that is exactly what I was thinking of doing.

                    I also think that for now I'll limit the number of tables to 4. My screen can fit six but at this point I find it to be too much action for my current knowledge of the game.
                    This will also allow me to rebuy for $1 in case I loose my stack.

                    Thanks for the advices.


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                      So, another update on my performance, one session of around 2h and another profitable one.

                      I managed to boost my bankroll to $11.84, which was at some point around $12.16 but since it wasn't time to finish my session I decided to keep on playing.

                      I followed the tips & tricks you all shared with me and applied the knowledge I have to play 4 tables as I said I would.

                      It started a little bit bad, with not so much advancement on my bankroll and suddenly with 3-4 hands I was set around $10 after that was a question of keeping up the playstyle and making sure I wouldn't loose my money in some weird hands, specially against players I marked has good players.

                      Here's the link for the detailed session on the blog I started about it: Another session of around 2 hours
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                        Hi there,

                        Just came to update the status of my challenge, right now I stand at around $15 after playing a few sessions of 2hs. It didn't went faster because I got overconfident and started to play more speculative hands and betting more on possible draws which most of the times lead me to huge pots with almost 0 in my hand. Some came through but most didn't.

                        My highest point in my bankroll so far was $17.40 which in the same session went down to $12 and back to my current bankroll $15.

                        Thank you for all the help. I'll keep you guys posted and also put some hands to be analyzed in which I found difficulties.


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                          So, my story continues.

                          I now sit at around $18 and with my last boost form the Bankroll Builder Promo it is going to put me at $20 completing my challenge of getting from $2 to $20 in less than 2 months, taking me only 13 days to get where I am.

                          At this point, I really don't know what I should go next. I'm trying my luck at the 25c 45 man SnGs but unfortunately luck has not been around. Although I manage to get to the final table in 2 out of 4 tournaments played I was not so lucky with the ITM results being kicked out in the 2 times in 9th.

                          I'm thinking of keeping up the cash game tables only, until I get to more comfortable Bankroll, lets say $100 to start to play more serious tournaments. I also think that I should go up in levels of the tournament buy-ins if I can't beat the 25c level.

                          Thanks in advance to all the future tips and I'd really love some help to move up through the ranks of poker.
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                            Originally posted by tjvomauricio View Post
                            So, yesterday I was able to get $0.75 in a hour and half of play.

                            Setting me at $2.91.

                            This afternoon I went to split that money into 3 tables, 2 of $1 and one of $0.92.
                            Can you explain me how and where you managed to use 0.92 for 3tables? And if its a tournament entry than if you earned about 7usd you must took high place in tournament?

                            I am in negative bankroll cannot seem to push my luck here.. Been loose agressive with high pocket pairs preflop and raising slightly to build the pot, but get unlucky most of the times..



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