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How to/Should I define a Stop loss

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  • How to/Should I define a Stop loss

    I'm playing 10NL zoom. I can have great sessions, but also sometimes have "major" downswings. Last week I had a 13 buy-in downswing in 3 sessions. When I start these sessions it looks like I am immediately in a downwards spiral and I have the hardest time to get out of it. Also sometimes if I'm playing -EV I start to tilt and it will even get worse. So ofcourse I'll have to work on my tilt and try to prevent it. But as this is easier said than done I'm searching for a way to minimize my losses when I'm encountering this again. So I was thinking about a stopp loss. However how do you define a good stop loss? Or shouldn't I use a stop loss, should I use something else in stead? Anyone who can help me with this?

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    If you're talking about setting an actual figure I would be kind of wary of doing that. In my opinion I'd say it's more important to start identifying when you have started tilting or when you're not playing a solid game. The thing about setting a figure is you can be playing bad or tilted and be at risk of spewing but you haven't yet reached that limit so you're still playing losing poker. And playing losing poker not only is bad for your bankroll, it doesn't help develop your game any further. Or you can be playing good solid poker and not tilting but you just get coolered or something so you hit the limit and force yourself to stop. But in this scenario you're stopping when you could keep going playing some +EV spots.

    So I'd say work on identifying when you're tilting so you can stop then and don't concentrate so much on the bankroll while you're on the tables. I'm not by any means an expert on working on tilt but I'd also say it'll probably be a good first step in helping you overcome/manage your tilt issues.

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      Hey PI, grade b started a thread on stop losses after a live training class, and people had a lot of interesting thoughts on the subject:

      Do You Have a Stop Loss

      Mine's worked out really well, since I can't always tell when I'm tilted. And since I only play 2 tables, it's only kicked in a handful of times.

      If you play more tables, then maybe yours could be a little bigger?


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        @TrustySam: thanks for the link. You're everyone's private forum search engine found some useful stuff in there...

        @Fadyen: that was exactly why I asked the question here as I'm not entirely convinced that it's something I should do, but TrstySam's link gave some useful stuff:

        Originally posted by Sandtrap777 View Post
        2. I don't have a $$$$ value, it's a 1,000 hands

        3. & 4. If things are bad after a session, go back to your HH and look at what went wrong, why did you lose? If you played good poker, it's just bad luck. But most of the time we lose, we try and recuperate by increasing our range and lose more, so YES stop.
        So that's what I will try for a while. This will immediately break up my sessions into smaller sessions and allow me to review my game to see if it's variance or if I'm just playing my C game.

        About tilt. I'm now reading the book 'the mental game of poker'. I think that book can help me with this, but I've still some reading to do. Preventing tilt is of course the solution so I'm definitely going to work on this.


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          That sounds like a pretty good idea. Sandtrap has a fair amount of experience so sounds like some decent advice.

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            Originally posted by PokerIggy View Post
            @TrustySam: thanks for the link. You're everyone's private forum search engine
            ya, bwahaha - so true!

            It's because I've been 2-tabling ... but next year if Im able to learn how to add an extra table, we'll all have to start using the actual search engine instead - including me



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