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C-bet sizing

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  • C-bet sizing

    Hello everyone!

    I have watched the Bet Sizing video you guys made and it says that a c-bet should be a small bet. However, I have also read somewhere that in Poker, nothing is set in stone and there are many factors to consider. I still consider myself a beginner and I'm still trying to grasp the logic of the game and internalize it. One doubt came to my head this morning as I was thinking about the game.

    My question here has to do with one situation.

    A C-bet is by definition a bluff, right? Although in many cases you c-bet and are sort of bluffing with the best hand, it's still intended to make your opponent get rid of his hand (and his chips). So, imagining a situation where you are the pre-flop aggressor with 77, one of the blinds calls your raise and you see a flop. Flop comes A89 with 2 diamonds. Blind checks to you.

    In this situation, if you had an ace, you probably would bet bigger to protect it against flush and straight draws, right? So, in this situation, should the C-bet be bigger too to represent the A?

    Thanks in advance!

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    JWK wrote a good blog on the subject of bet-sizing. You can read it here.
    I tend to use larger sizes (between 3/4 pot and full pot) when the hand is multiway, I'm OOP and the flop is wet. Heads up, in position, and on drier flops, I go smaller (between half pot and 3/4 pot). To disguise the strength of your hand, you should generally use the same sizes whether you have the goods or a bluff, but I think "balance" is unnecessary in the micros, so I tend to bet slightly smaller when bluffing, and slightly bigger when I have a monster. Villains usually aren't keeping track on "bet-sizing tells", so you can play exploitably, by betting small when weak, and bigger when strong. If altering your betsizes on the fly is too complex, then you wouldn't be making a big mistake if you bet 2/3 pot every time, as that's a good sizing for value and for bluffs.
    I wouldn't worry too much about "representing" a hand at 2NL, as most villains aren't ranging you. If you bet a twotone A98 flop with 77, you'll get the same number of calls/raises (from Ax, JT, 88, 99, flush draws) whether you bet half pot or full pot. If you're planning to give up on the turn when called, you lose less by betting smaller.
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