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27sng play money to 27sng real?

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  • 27sng play money to 27sng real?

    I'm quite new to real money games and still trying to find my favorite thing (something I could be good at)

    I been playing lots of 27sng play money:
    18/20 final table
    15/20 in "money" (5th or higher)
    5/20 runner-up
    4/20 1st

    so my question is: does this mean anything for my transfer to real money 27 sng 1.5$? my bankroll is 30+$...

    should I try this?

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      Originally posted by pekmansick View Post
      so my question is: does this mean anything for my transfer to real money 27 sng 1.5$? my bankroll is 30+$... should I try this?
      Hey there pekmansick, Personally I would aim to play 100 x $0.25c 45/90 man Sit and Go's to begin with. Also I would definitely check out the 'Spacegravy' series of videos on Sit n Go's, here's a link to his videos: Best of luck at the tables Raiser umbup:


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        thanks a lot for advice Raiser


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          I admit to being American, which means no cash games. When the site had the 27-player SNG non-turbo in play money, it was my primary game. All I can say is that making it to the money 18 out of 20 times is an excellent record. Depending on how fast you play these games, you might want to check into the Battle of the Planets promotion, which is described on the web site.

          Royalraise gives some great advice. The game he suggest is a much lower stake, which will allow you more opportunities at play. Some might not think play chip action a good indicator, but I have heard the lower cost games have a tendency to being very loose. So play extra tight early and open when the field gets down to 27 players.

          Don't forget those lessons, well worth the time.


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            It was actually 15/20 in the money(5th) but never mind... tnx for suggestions.
            I watched every course and training video on sng here... Today will give a shot at those 0.25$ 45 and 90 players.
            Wish me luck ( I'm gonna need it)


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              my results for today

              So I played 3 SNG today...
              0.25$ 45 players finished 5th, I could do better had somewhere 13bb and there was a guy on table with only 3bb but couldn't resist a shove with ak against kj, unfortunately I lost.
              0.25$ 90 players finished 13th
              1.5$ knockout 90 players finished 11th with 3 ko's plus it was a golden sng with 1.5$ refund before we started so it was a no stress

              I't not bad right? I have a gross feeling I could do so much better but also think it could be worse if my middle pairs were not holding up against ak few times

              had some great hand and as soon I figure out how to replay them I will submit them for some comments


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                question So this is a not so much of an interesting hand as I thought about folding those aces couse a couple a hands before I just tripled up had healthy stack, two players were all in in front of me and my tournament life was in stake and so many times saw aces got beaten with weaker hands. I really thought about folding. my question is: Should I ever fold aces? Should I ever fold aces in spots like this?


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                  Originally posted by pekmansick View Post
                  my question is: Should I ever fold aces? Should I ever fold aces in spots like this?
                  The short answer to your question is no. Preflop there is never any reason to fold AA unless you are playing in a satellite. While the overall equity of your Aces goes down with there being multiple opponents in the hand (so the chance of a weaker hand cracking Aces goes up) the reward for winning goes up as there are more chips in the pot and you are still favourite to win the hand.

                  You can't control what cards are going to come down on the board or what hands your opponents will play, the only thing you can control is when you get your chips in. And Aces preflop is about the only time you're guaranteed to be good.

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                    Hi pekmansick!

                    I'm not folding AA preflop. I'll fold them postflop, but not pre.

                    There is one other problem that I see too and that is with the 3-bet sizing. When making a 3-bet, I need to size it between 3X the previous bet and a pot-sized raise (if it's larger than 3X). I do not want to raise to smaller or I can be giving the opps the correct odds to try to outdraw me. If I give them the right odds.. then I deserve to lose the hand.

                    John (JWK24)

                    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                      thank you guys for your time and answer and for breaking it down for me

                      And John you are so right about bet sizing but I was distracted by the big stack who was playing like crazy and flipping with all sort of crappy hands and wining so I guess I just wanted to see the flop and min raised him... Lesson learned


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                        Originally posted by Fadyen View Post
                        Preflop there is never any reason to fold AA unless you are playing in a satellite.
                        It might be correct to fold AA as a tiny shortstack when you're on a big money jump and two or three opponents with bigger stacks have already gone all-in in front of you?

                        Obviously this scenario is extremely rare/unrealistic.


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                          true that


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                            following your advice It was a good advice feeling good while play them 45men sng again 5th, again beter hand than opponent and a guy who have 2bb Maybe it was a mistake to move all in on flop but looking at those hearts... I think it will go all in on turn either way...


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                              Why not just bet the pot?



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