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What is best way to play the absolute nuts in NLHE?

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  • What is best way to play the absolute nuts in NLHE?

    Recently I was a very lucky boy I flopped the complete nuts in a tournament I held the AQ of clubs and flopped 10KJ clubs!! I raised preflop and everyone folded apart from one opponent. I actually just checked the flop hoping for a raise as I knew I had an unbeatable royal flush. He placed a pot sized bet I raised him to a 4 bet He calls it. Another jack appeared this was perfect for me as he could now have a full boat or a set. I bet again and he shoves all in. I shoved back and knocked him out of the tournament is there any way I should have played this differently I got all his chips but would have liked to have kept a few more fish on my line? Ironically before he went out he called me a sucker but it didn't appear until after he was gone due to chatbox being disable in all in situations very funny indeed!!

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    Hi plAyitK00l!

    If I flop a monster like that, I normally try to check/call the flop and turn, then on the river either check/raise (if I have an aggro opp that I know will bet) or lead the river and if I get raised, then 3-bet them.

    That will depend though.. based on the stack sizes and opps that are in the hand with me. If I have a passive opp, then I need to be betting. If I have an aggro opp, then I can check/call.

    John (JWK24)

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      Hello plAyitK00l,

      Welcome to PokerSchoolOnline. Here's a short video about PSO and what it has to offer you. Also check out >>This Page<< for more info.

      I agree with JWK here that I'm check/calling the flop, especially against an aggro villain. But each villain is different so it's hard to give a correct answer. The more aggressive opponents, let them do the betting early then put them to a tough decision on the turn or river when the pot is big. If it's a passive villain then you need to do the betting but be carefully of the sizing.

      We're here to help you so please feel free to ask any questions you may have and thank you for being a member of PokerSchoolOnline.

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