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Rockets on the bb,sb,and button?

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  • Rockets on the bb,sb,and button?

    Hello all, my last 4 pairs of aces I have been dealt in late position, meaning the BB,SB and button. I won about a huge 4c with all of them.

    Everyone folds..............

    Should I consider limping in, instead of 3x in those positions?

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      I like the response above.

      I always come in with a raise - build the pot.


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        It is a far worse thing to let someone limp in and hit 2 pair than to win a small pot.

        Take notes and if you find at your table players in the blinds are always folding to your 3x raise ......its time to steal more.

        Grade b
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          Good point above.


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            Bet bet bet for value

            Last time I slowplayed AA I ran into four suited cards on the board and had to fold to a big river bet. Not doing that again in a hurry.

            Slowplaying big hands is tempting but it's just hardly ever a good idea. Just occasionally there might be good reason for doing it, against a crazy bluffer perhaps, but fear of opponents all folding is not a good enough reason.
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              You often find that you get lots of folds when you have AA, simply because there are fewer Aces for other people to have!

              I always come in for a raise though - if you don't you will likely only win small pots and lose large ones when they make a hand which they didn't have to pay to make.

              Like Grade B says - if players are playing really tight vs your raises, you can open up your raising range accordingly.

              The other thing is if you only limp with AA, players who are aware will pick up on this for the future.



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