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Implied odds

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  • Implied odds

    Hi guys,

    Quick question to set my mind on the right track.

    Both hero and villain has a stack of $2.00.

    Blinds. 1c/2c

    Hero raises to 6c with say pocket 7s. Villain 3bets in two different situations: one min 3bets to 12c, and in the other situation 3bets to 18c

    Now I will assume we want implied odds of at 15 times our raise amount to win.

    1.. Pot is initial raise + blinds + min 3bet amount = 21c

    Hero has to call 6c therefore the implied odds are (21+188):6 = 34:1 we should call to set mine.

    2.. Pot is initial raise + blinds + standard 3bet amount = 27c

    Hero has to call 12c therefore the implied odds are (27+182):12 = 17:1 so technically getting the implied odds to set mine, although others have mentioned numerous time that it is not profitable to set mine in 3bet pots.

    Question is have I calculated these implied odds correctly?

    Arty wrote something in response to someone else's question that explained this, but I can't seem to find it.


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    Math looks correct, except a min-3-bet would be to 10c, not 12c, making it the easiest call in the world.

    One note of caution is that in the latter case, although you have implied odds of 17:1, it shouldn't be an automatic call. The profitability of small pairs depends greatly on the the size of the pair (smaller pairs can get over-setted, and also don't flop good OESDs) and position. Specifically, it's very hard to win a whole stack when out of position, so if villain has position on you, you should be more inclined to fold. If he 3-bet from the blinds, then your positional advantage can make it a call, as you don't have to hit a set to win the pot. If you're OOP, then set-mining is usually a no go with hands like 77, as you'll be check-folding most flops after paying 9bb to see them.

    EDIT: When OOP, I want closer to 20:1 implied. P.S. If you look in your database, I doubt you'll find much profit with 55-22 even in single-raised pots, so calling 3-bets with them in head up pots is pretty spewy.

    Hope this helps.
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      Cheers arty

      I did know things like this, but then sometimes my mind goes a bit cloudy and I need clarification, etc.

      One question, may seem dumb, but why is the min 3bet 10c?

      I will have a look in my database and see how these low pocket pair fairs.


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        Originally posted by pullin1988 View Post
        One question, may seem dumb, but why is the min 3bet 10c?
        If you opened for 6c, then that's a raise of 4c more than the 2c big blind. The smallest legal raise is another 4c on top of the new going rate.
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          It is indeed. Cheers arty.

          My mind is not on it today. Lol





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