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calculating outs on a particular case

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  • calculating outs on a particular case


    in the "cash game course", i see below case,

    you have KhQh on a board Jh5h10s2c

    for which i calculate 15 outs (4 aces+4 nine+9 hearts - 1 ace of heart - 1 nine of heart)

    but the course says 13 outs.

    what is the mistake in my outs calcul here ?

    i'm looking forward to your replies

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    EDIT: I read your post incorrectly when I first responded.

    Are you sure the course says 13 outs?
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      The 10h and 2h could give someone a full house due to the board pairing.

      John (JWK24)

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        Do you mean that we could expect someone to have either 2 T or 2 5, and that the river could be T or 5 ?
        i don't really understand how we can deduct this one.

        Thank you for your help
        i'm looking forward to your reply


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          If the river was the or the , then you'd make a flush, but it wouldn't necessarily be the nuts, because a villain with pockets pairs of JJ, 55, TT or 22 would make a full house or quads. The ten would also make a boat for JT (and the unlikely T5 and T2) and a deuce also makes a boat for the even less likely holdings J2, T2, 52. How many outs you have to the best hand really depends on what your opponent has. It's all very well calculating that you have 15 outs to a straight or flush, but sometimes you have even more outs (if villain has something like J8, then you have 3 kings and 3 queens that make top pair), and sometimes many of your outs are useless (you might think you have 9 outs to a flush, but if your opponent holds a better flush draw, then there's only 7 hearts left in the deck, but hitting one of them would make you a costly second-best hand). Hope this helps!
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