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  • need help

    I just joined the school and i am very interested. I am new to hold'em and serious poker. Can someone explain or direct me to information on calculating odds and how to implement them in a hand of poker. My math really stinks by the way :?

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    Poombah, I highly recommend Mike Petriv's Hold'em's odds book. This is all the math you will need for Hold'em. Meanwhile, the internet has great sites to explore too. Try this link for starters:, plus and of course this forum.

    I look forward to playing with you, Den


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      THanks for the links, and i will get the book.
      I need all the help I can


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        Originally posted by Noodles
        KK v AQs is just over around 2-to-1. Over 5-to-2 if not suited. These odds apply to any pp against 1 overcard. The odds are also very similar for any matchup where someone has a higher kicker, such as AKv AQ or KJ v K2.

        KK v K5o is a huge fav.

        Got the table below from Sklansky and Barbara Yoon so I assume they are accurate. I've still not got around to reading this lol. Maybe next year.

        I haven't bothered reading it as most odds and situations are pretty similar. For example, just assuming 2 high card hands that do not dominate each other are around a 3-to-2 matchup. It won't be far wrong. For example AK v 56, AK v T5 etc. All about the same 3-to-2 matchup.

        Most matchups fall within the ballpark of the following group of 6 odds. Evens, 3-to-2, 2-to-1, 5-to-2, 4-to-1, around 10-to-1 or more.

        1. Pair versus pair...about...4 1/2-to-1...

        2. Pair versus two overcards...about even money.

        3. Pair versus one overcard and one undercard...about...2 1/2-to-1...

        4. Pair versus two undercards...typically more than...5-to-1...

        5. Pair versus one overcard and one of the pair cards...about...2 1/3-to-1...

        6. Pair versus one undercard and one of the pair cards...10-to-1 or more...

        7. First and second highest versus third and fourth...usually about...9-to-5...

        8. First and fourth highest versus second and third...usually below 7-to-5.

        9. First and third highest versus second and fourth...about 8-to-5.

        10. First and second highest versus duplicate of first plus third highest -- Example...K-Q versus K-J. ...usually slightly below 3-to-1.

        11. First and second highest versus duplicate of second plus third highest -- Example: K-Q versus Q-J. ...usually between 2 3/4-to-1 and 3-to-1.

        12 First and 3rd vs 2nd and 3rd. Ex: A-J vs K-J. The odds for match-ups in this 'category' can vary from just slightly better than a toss-up for like 4s-2h versus 3d-2d, up to as much as 3.42-to-1 for like As-2s versus Kh-2d.
        Precise odds are not necessary. The post above from Noodles contains most of the revelant information on pre-flop odds against vs hands. The tables in the reference section provides additional information to complete the essentials.