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Talking stats I hear a lot in live training - Am I a NIt

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  • Talking stats I hear a lot in live training - Am I a NIt

    Hi, sorry if I posted in the wrong thread, or maybe it's a beginner question about using a hud? Many times in live training we look at other peoples stats and make decisions on that information. So now I have data to look at myself. If you have played against me in over 65,000+ hand at 6-max cash or 35,000+ in tournaments do I look the same? Tournaments are averaged data: start, middle, bubble and end game. Cash is what cash is whether utg raise or btn steal it's just an average over the sample size. Ok enough preamble. Do I look like a nit if your database has this information on me? In 6-max cash games: 15/11/4(65.5k) 71/57/22 In stt, sng & mtt tournaments: 15/11/4(35.2k) 67/49/30 Stats are: vpip/pfr/3b(#hands) cbflop,cbturn,steals Amazing that 15/11 is constant in all dynamics. Interesting that I played in a couple of this month pso "The Fall Clasic" games. With a live hud and reg cash games to write down the numbers. So one unknown to me after switching on the stats was playing in a: pso tournament 17,10,2(232) 67/33/22 I bulk import data but not using a hud normally live. So what a shock, an unknown, only 283 hands looks a bit like me? Can't interpret the gap between vpip and pfr unless it's obvious 25/3/0 pre is a big gap = loose passive. Can we use those numbers to decide on a crucial decision? umbup: Got a 404 posting that. Checked in another browser I didn't have to type it again. Not able to remember a juxtaposed argument tomorrow. Or just irrelevant leveling.
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      15/11 is really tight for 6-max.

      I'm 19/14 at 6-max and I'm too tight at it.. IMO.

      Overall for cash games, I'm 22/16.

      Tourneys should be a little tighter, especially in ones where you need to ladder climb. I aim for 20/16 in regular tourneys, about 16/12 in ladder climbing events.

      Hope this helps.

      John (JWK24)

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        Here are the normal stats as per PT4


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          From the few hundred hands I have on you from PSO games (mostly full ring tourneys) I have you colour-coded as a nit (VPIP of 12%), so I give your raises a fair bit of respect, and I try stealing your blinds pretty often. (Although, if memory serves, you defend your blinds quite often for a tight player, as least over my sample).
          15/11 is roughly what I play at full ring. For 6-max, I'm nearer 19/16.
          It's not a HUGE leak to play tighter, but you're unlikely to go deep in MTTs if you don't play more hands.
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            Yeah that's super nitty for 6 max.

            You probably don't open enough on the button and cutoff. That's where most people's vpip come in.

            With a 4% 3b, you are pretty much never 3betting as a bluff.

            The optimal 3-bet percentage is roughly 7% overall. That number can vary some, most players should definitely be in the 6-9% 3-bet range over the long term. My thoughts are that the 6-9% range is not so tight that you won't get action when you have big hands, and it's also not so loose so that your 3 betting range is too weak. When your range is too weak people can combat you easily and profitably by 4-betting or flatting and then bluff-raising flops.
            I personally play around 25/21/7.5 for 6 max zoom. I feel that you miss a lot of spots playing 15/11, isolating fish, 3betting vs steals and 3betting the CO on the button with a wider range than you probably are comfortable with.


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              Originally posted by ForrestFive View Post
              If you have played against me in over 65,000+ hand at 6-max cash or 35,000+ in tournaments do I look the same?

              In 6-max cash games:
              Hey Forrest

              I've got some stats for you from 5nl and 10nl - it's a much smaller sample size, but your VPIP's pretty different



              Much smaller sample size though

              Not sure how reliable the VPIP by position stats would be with such small samples, but I can add those too if you want to see them


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                Nitty is good BTW but just loosen up closer to the button.

                I'm probably too nitty but it works for me.

                HEM has me as a TAG for both cash and STTs but in a STT I'm definitely a rock in the early stages and a maniac in the later. My positional stats also change according to what seat I'm in. Look at yours and see if there's a natural progression of playing tight in the early seats and a lot looser on the cut off and button.

                You should always raise your premiums in any position but look at hands like KQo which should be a fold UTG but a raise on the button. If you're static with the hands you raise with then that's a leak that's easily corrected.

                Also in STTs and MTTs it pays to be rocky in the early stages. Players at micro stakes give no respect to any raises so try not to get too out of line. Loosen up as you get to know a table and the blinds get higher. These games are about changing gears. 88 might be a limp in the first few blind levels but a raise when the blinds get higher.

                It's a lot easier for a nit to loosen up than it is for a maniac to tighten up.
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                  Thanks for the replies,

                  I need to read up on this subject. Though I don't think I should change my game to fit an optimal set of stats. The fpdb hud doesn't work on Zoom so I only switch it on later in tournaments or regular cash tables.

                  But I do need some adjustment probably in defence of blinds. When I get into a mood and 3b steals then giving up to a 4b. Just looked at the database for 5NL Zoom shows all my losses are in he blinds.

                  Also my flop play I just can't help myself sometimes c-betting when I shouldn't. And my perception of others who don't follow up with a turn bet (I consider possibly weak) so I throw more money on the turn and get into trouble.



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