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What do you do ? cash out or build ur bankroll

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  • What do you do ? cash out or build ur bankroll

    What do you do if you get to a final table on WCOOP or Sunday Million and get around 60-70k ? Do you cash out to buy the car or house that you want so badly or you start playing much higher limits and other big tournaments ?
    Lets say that you are a begginer and have a bankroll of 100$ and get extremly lucky to get to that final table .

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    Hi oanan1717,

    This has actually happened quite a few times where a micro/low stakes player has binked some big tourney and won a large sum of money and there are a few horror stories. The most famous of which about a player that came 2nd in the Sunday Million for well over $100k (I forget the exact amount). This player then proceeded to go straight to $1k Heads Up SitnGos and well lets just say he didn't have a snowball's chance in Hell. Within a short period he was back to being broke.

    So the moral of the story, if you get lucky don't take it as a sign that you're some hot shot player and CASH OUT! Enjoy the money! Of course it's perfectly reasonable to leave some of the money in your account and play with it. I personally would leave a couple grand and then take a shot at moving up a level or two to my usual play and perhaps once in a while play a bigger tourney for fun. But trying to go too high too fast is a recipe for disaster.

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      What Fadyen is referring to:

      Although I admire his courage, not the smartest thing to do.

      I personally would cash out 50%-70% and keep on playing with the rest.


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        I've had several $1k+ scores and I've cashed out them all and treated myself.

        This is not good bankroll management as I need around $1k in my account to be playing the stakes I should be at ($7 and $15 games). If I did win a life changing amount like the Sunday Million I wouldn't play any higher than $15 until I got established at this level.

        So to answer your question, I'd withdraw most of it but leave myself a deep enough cushion to be playing the level I could beat.


        There was some talk that I7AXA had issues surrounding his account.

        Maratik, another Russian is my hero. He won last years WCOOP Main event for a cool $1M. All won from a micro stakes satellite into it. He was spotted playing $7 games a few days later where his regular grind was $3.50 and $7 games. Great bankroll management and I'm sure he's enjoying his well deserved bonus.
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          one SPIN
          BLACK 13
          change your life or back to how it was


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            Anything 10k and up I would be taking 90% out, over 100k it would be greater, but I don't have to worry about that, just another dream. I would love to play at a higher level on a daily basis, or be able to. Certainly would be nice to help out a few deserving people I know as well. Good money management is the key with any amount of money, no matter the source, big win, cards, lottery whatever.
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              If I hit something huge like that. I'm going back to my current level of games, cashing out a good portion and investing it.... I want my $$ making $$. Trying to jump up in levels without proving that you can be a consistent winning player at the level below it is a recipe for disaster because as you move up in levels, the players get better and better.

              John (JWK24)

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                I don't really see any reason to have more than 10k on an online poker account at any time unless you are a high stakes baller.

                So with that said if I had a big score i'd cashout anything over 10k and probably take shots at 100nl or something similar.


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                  Why not do both? Set a maximum limit to the amount you will keep online. If your account exceeds that amount by more than 10 percent, withdraw the excess. Let me give you an example:

                  You decide you need $250 in your account to play at your current level. You have a run of good luck and by the end of the month, your account stands at $300. Since $50 is greater than 10 percent of your maximum balance, you withdraw a minimum of $25. A withdrawal of $50 is more prudent, but you might want to do a single game splurge or hold it to cover a current run of variance.

                  Oh yes, Fadyen, you never read Dante's Divine Comedy. If you did, you would know snowballs do exist there. (hedgehog showing off his literary knowledge.)


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                    That's exactly what I try to do but then something crops up where I need the money or I take a few bad beats and I drop to the lowest levels again. It's definitely a mental issue with me, I'm hoping my conversations with Jared Tendlar can help me in that respect.
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