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Can you define an aggro fish and was he?

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  • Can you define an aggro fish and was he?


    Just played a game and this 3 star plyer seemed to be playing any 2 suited cards especially on the button and somehow hitting their outs a lot they were running good

    His style changed i think though when he got a big stack

    VP:67 PFR:50 AF:0.7 W:45|60 STL:100|0 3B:0|33 CB:75|50

    Is this guy an aggro fish ?

    I dont think hes a LAG im just getting to terms with all of the terminology

    I think i kinda got it in good versus his range (although im aware my ranging needs a lot of work on) but he ran so hot he always hit some ridiculous 2 or 3 outers

    Thank You

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    How many hands is this over?

    67/50 is in the maniac column in my book. definitely a fish. If they're 3-star, this is a good example of why looking at the number of stars a player has is totally irrelevant. It's obvious that they bought them.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Originally posted by rolo834 View Post

      VP:67 PFR:50 AF:0.7 W:45|60 STL:100|0 3B:0|33 CB:75|50

      Is this guy an aggro fish ?

      I dont think hes a LAG im just getting to terms with all of the terminology

      Did you have a decent hand sample on this villain? Over time this villains stats could converge to much smaller percentages. If this what at a 9-Max table, majority would classify that villain as an aggro fish. But the question is, did you or the table adjust to try and exploit this villain? I'd try and play as many pots as I could versus them, adjust my starting hand range and call down a bit lighter than usual. In some situations high card, second pair or worse would have merit as it would ultimately come down to board texture/bet sizings etc.., they'll have so much air, mediocre/marginal holdings in their range post flop most of the time. It's not often that we get to play opponents like this at 9-Max. Yes, the common theme would be to sit back and wait for a solid hand, but if this was an MTT before ITM, we can't be certain we wont be moved to a different table, this would be a perfect oppurtunity to color up for the next blind level and improve our chances to make a deep run.. This is as good as it gets..imo

      This is what their range looks like, yes they'll have premiums here and there but that is such a small portion of their overall range..

      Check out the PokerSchool glossary, this may help you with getting up to speed with poker terminology.
      >>click here<<

      Good luck and good decisions,
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        I'd assume this was a very small sample, as the numbers are quite "round", by which I mean he played exactly two thirds of his hands, raised exactly half of them and c-bet exactly 3/4 of the time.

        If this was over 20 hands or more, he's somewhat maniacal, but his post-flop AF of 0.7 is very low, so he must have done a fair bit of calling post-flop.

        If someone is routinely playing half of their hands, then a solid TAG's range is completely crushing them. I would love to have this player on my right, so that I could widen my 3-bet value range or take him to valuetown post-flop when I have him outkicked.
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          wow you guys are good i explain...

          @John initially my post included the number of hand s and an additional question but then edited anyways he had played 12 hands

          now then i think i spotted a huge leak in my game .i dont understand manaic/Lag/weak tight and aggro fish

          I curently colour code people into 4 categories

          Loose Pasisve=purple i refer to them as fish/calling stations
          Loose aggressive = red i refer to them as manaics
          tight passive = blue i refer to them as rocks i think you cal them nits
          tight aggressive =orange i dont reallyhave a name as they rare at my biuyins bu tthey good tag

          based on this alone hes red a manaic but wat got me thinking was afer flop his AF is low so hes notreally a manaic....tbh in the game he palyed liek a lucky fish but aggro preflop

          I like to think i outplayed him 3 tiems and yet he won the 2 big pots and folded on other 1 ..but maybe i didnt outplay hm at all

          Definitely agree with you regardign the 3 stars it was a 25c SNG 45 man and while i do see some 2 star player 3 is very the 3 stood out i expected a good player he was exceddingly lucky

          Now John you say hes a manaic and a obv with my thinking and 4 colour system I have a fault

          Cannon ty i agree his numbers may converge but they didnt i watched him play after he busted me.....his luck ran out and he finished 4th or 5th where with his giant stack he should have won really

          Now you mention how to exploit him and I was thinking about that on the fly and nearly asked it as a question by the way he was raisng hands such as 37s and similar

          To answer your question the table didnt realty seem to adjust well except one guy trapped him ..but turned out to be bit of a me this guy ran like god/usain bolt for 3/4 of the game

          I started to think wa she a godo LAG bu tthen thought no he aggro fish and/but how do I beat tha style

          My trisp lost i turned a 4 and the 4 made his hidden straight and board had possible flush but he wouldnt fold

          Dont think I ever saw him turn over a premium hand

          @Arty if people limped he would raise very wide and if he wa sfirst inm he would raise very wide...thsi from memory of the few cards i seen him turn over and not based on the stats numbers

          I kinda knew atthe back of my head I shoudl be able to beat him..yet i couldnt/didnt....ok admittedly I did get rather unlucky once or twice i think

          Oh at Arty also I did reriase him once without premium somehting like KJo but he wouldnt fold to 3bets and would call along withhis 46s etc and somehow seem to hit

          Thanks Cannon im goign to goread that glossary as i may have bad /wrong info in my head and so that why some trianing doesnt make sense or i have big leak

          he really was a strange beast lol

          thanks guys


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            If these stats are only over 12 hands, you can pretty much ignore the HUD. Everyone knows I'm on the tight side, but over 12 hands, I've had similarly crazy stats. I might only play 16% of hands over a large sample, but like anyone else I occasionally have a run of playable hands and will open up to 75% of them.
            At nanostakes, there aren't many good LAGs. Someone playing over 50% of hands is usually fishy to one extent or the other; either loose passive (calling station) or loose aggressive. So "aggrofish" is more or less synonymous with maniac.
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              I agree with Arty. 12 hands is basically nothing.

              John (JWK24)

              6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                ah ok

                i just reviewed it again he became pasisve a little later still aggro preflop though

                in the end had 18 hands and he was back to how I stated earlier

                I think im goign to have to post a few hands in the hand analysis forum some of which im involved in and possibly some im not....Im startign to watch the other players abit more

                thanks once again



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