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5NL 6max Zoom - I got beaten bad - 13 hands in youtube

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  • 5NL 6max Zoom - I got beaten bad - 13 hands in youtube

    Hello, I don't know if this is ok to do, but I played over 1k hands straight, that is part of my skill building task to play ABC game, trying to rip my game to basics.

    Anyhow, here are my 13 biggest lost pots in youtube bar one AI. If you have time (2 min 16 sec) can you give your comments what went wrong?

    If this is not ok to do, I don't mind if this topic gets deleted.

    What I'm really interested in is that if you can find a mistake that gets repeated.

    Last edited by royalraise85; Fri Sep 13, 2013, 12:43 PM.

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    Squeeze pre in hand 1 (wouldn't change the outcome)

    Bet turn in hand 2

    Hand 3 is fine

    3b or fold the K4s. As played river is a fold. Bluffing on paired rivers is usually suicide.

    Squeeze bigger pre in hand 5. I'd double barrel the J since it's an overcard but it may be dependent on villain's stats.

    Hand 6 is ok vs a short stack, though might be a little on the lighter side.

    Bet/fold turn and river in Hand 7

    Don't love 4betting JJ at 5nl because we are usually crushed. As you get higher (25nl) you can probably 4b GII quite comfortably. As played i'd prefer cbetting once to see how he reacts and give up if called.

    Hand 9 is close to a fold OTR because he's never value betting worse than 2p.

    Hand 10 is fine.

    Hand 11 is bad. You shouldn't be cold calling a 4b OOP ever. Because of this i'd either 5b shove or fold, because given the positions of the action we are likely behind.

    Hand 12 is fine.

    Sizing is Hand 13 is pretty big pre. It gets awkward when you give up the initiative OTF, but c/c OTF and folding the turn isn't horrible.


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      Hello members, Please leave any comments you have for braveslice about his hands, there's too many for a hand analyser to look at in a single thread. When posting hands for review it's better to post one hand per thread Cheers, Raiser umbup: ***moved***



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