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Stts and mtts

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  • Stts and mtts

    What do you do when your on a table full of limpers where every hand is multiway and your card dead, then you pick up AKs isolate the limpers get 3 callers and miss the flop, then the SB donks for 2/3 of pot and you have to fold because hes hit a set most likely.

    This is why i cant stand mtts because you have to play like a nit which is boring and then its a game of variance when you have to get it in with your big pairs to get stacked now and again by a flopped set of twos that shouldn't be in the pot in the 1st place.Not to mention the big stack donks that limp UTG with 74o and manage to call my 3bet i flop an over pair he turns a straight and donks into me i hero fold and he stacks the other donk, its very annoying because the only time you win a hand is when you pick up a decent hand and get lucky that they never hit because they wont let you know if your behind they just donk shove the river most of the time.

    So basically mtts just feels like bingo to me with these guys i have beat a fair few now but still i dont feel like i won by skill even though i had an edge against them its just luck because they just cant fold.

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    I'm far from the best MTT player around but in games like the ones you mention it's all about adjustment. If most are limping then I assume they are pretty weak players. So I raise big with my big hands to punish them and also see cheap flops with speculative hands like suited connectors and one gappers and the like, then use my post flop edge to out-play them.

    It's a tricky business but I think it comes down to finding ways of exploiting their weakness. Maybe try putting yourself in their shoes. If you were limping all the time what would you hate to see your opponents do?

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      I would hate to see a raise and lots of aggression post flop but the trouble is they dont seem to care and it seems to me with most of these players is it all comes down to who has the best hand by the river, i just cant seem to outplay them because they dont fold.

      Obviously i get payed every time i hit but you cant price them out of draws i started shipping TPTK on the flop knowing im getting looked up light but sometimes you run into a better hand or they outdraw you.


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        The way to beat that type of player... value bet, value bet, value bet.. and never bluff.

        You need to be patient until you get a hand, then raise and value bet when you hit. Patience and playing less hands against them is the key.

        Also, when hitting a hand, the bet sizes need to be made to price out all draws. Betting too small and giving the opp odds will always be trouble.

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          Don't go broke in the early stages of a STT with hands like AKo.

          I see villains going broke all the time getting their chips all in pre flop with AKo in the first level of a STT. By all means raise with hands like these but if you don't connect in a multi way pot just get rid of it and find a better spot to accumulate chips later in a tourney.

          The above thread has got some debate but I'm generally folding in that spot (even though I called in that particular hand)
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