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To steal or not to steal, facing a 3 bettor.

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  • To steal or not to steal, facing a 3 bettor.


    Struggling to know what to do in the following types of situations when I am first to act, and I know it depends on many variables, but some general info e.g. against loose or tight villains, etc, would be helpful.

    Hero is on BTN.
    Villain is in one of the blinds.

    Sometimes I will bet with weakish holdings A6o to steal the blind, and then sometimes I will bet when I have strong holdings such as AJs.

    However, the blinds, and this doesn't always happen, will 3bet either because they think I am stealing with a lowish holding, or because they have a legitament strength - or so I think, because that is the first thing I think of doing when in the blinds, either raise or fold as you will be OOP on later streets.

    Any ideas how you guys approach these situations. I guess having the 3bet stat in the blinds would be great to use, however, on zoom, I would no where near have enough stats on villains for this stat to be reliable - I don't think.

    Do you think you would still be profitable in the long if I always fold to 3bets from villains in the blinds?

    In fact I would intially think yes, as it could be quite a rare occurance.


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    I'd never always fold.. but what I will do (fold or 4-bet) will absolutely be 100% opp dependent, based on how they're playing. Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24) P.S. if you always fold, opps will pick up on this and 3-bet you with any 2 cards.

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      I forgot to add, that I won't be folding JJ+, AK, etc Top tier hands in these situations.




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        I refer you back to my blog: The ABC of 2NL, part 9: I raised pre-flop and got 3-bet. Now what?

        Although there are certainly some fairly decent players that will 3-bet light effectively with a polarized range in the blinds, you can usually give OOP 3-bets a lot of respect at 2NL/5NL. Your default play when your steals get 3-bet should be to fold, but take note of the special cases and exceptions I listed.
        When you have a decent sample size of trustworthy stats on a player, you can get into reg wars with them and start 4-betting light, but I think it's unnecessary at the lowest stakes. If you open ATs on the button, and a TAG/nit makes a decent-sized 3-bet, you're better off just folding. The benefit of position usually won't make up for lack of initiative and villain's hand strength. (Even if his 3-bet range is polarized, with some smaller suited aces to go with the pairs and big aces, you don't have a ton of equity).
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          Thanks arty, I will have a thorough re-read of all your articles. Cheers guys for the advice. Back to the grind.



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