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Creating a big bankroll with a small deposit in microstakes

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  • Creating a big bankroll with a small deposit in microstakes

    Hi, this is my first post, I've been playing poker for several years now, almost always live, where I do pretty well. I've played on PS before but never took it seriously as I have now. I used to make a lot of mistakes on my bankroll management which always lead to being bankrupt (I know). Now I want to take it seriously, as I do when I play live.

    I've deposit $20, and got up to $70, right now I'm at $40, it seems to me that it's almost impossible to get a bigger bankroll, every time I get to $60+ I just start losing. I play sit n' gos of up to 18 players, mostly only 9, and I'm playing at $1.50 stakes, but I get a lot of things like raising 6 times bb with AA or KK and someone calls or goes all in with 74 os, 93 os and wins the pot, sometimes taking me out of the tournament.

    So this makes me think, is it really possible to get a big bankroll playing small stakes like $1.50 only?? has anyone here done it?? I get a lot of calls with trash hands winning a lot of times against hands like AQ, AK, AA, QQ, etc.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Hi Famo8611

    Welcome to PokerSchoolOnline!

    Here is a link to help familiarize you with all the features and services available at PSO. Feel free to look around the forum and post any comments or questions you may have.

    You are invited to join the PokerSchoolOnline Community Home Games Club. Information on how to join the club may be found HERE. Hope to see you there!

    Yes it is possible, but difficult to increase your bankroll at $1.50 stakes, however many here have and do increase their BR. The training material here may help you, and im sure that our members will help you out.

    Good luck


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      Yes it's definitely possible. If you can't beat the micros you won't win (at least online poker) by going higher.

      The only way to escape the micros is just by grinding it out. Put in enough volume and you'll escape them eventually. Try and attend and watch the live training PSO offers and you should be fine.

      Also, try and think of your bankroll in terms of buy ins. This will make it easier to stick to BR management (instead of being like, meh, it's $0.50, i call).

      good luck at the tables


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        Play only single table sng's. Its easier to build a bankroll that way. try the fifty's its very beatable even for a noob who likes to winumbup:
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          Hi Farmo Welcome to PSO, I have rebuilt my bankroll from playing the 50c and $1 90 man turbos these games are really quite soft and are easy to beat and also are quick to complete as they take just over an hour to finish. I have made a guide to playing these games here: I would recommend on a low bankroll sticking to one format and playing them games until you can beat them then moving up the levels and if you play MTT play with a 100 buy in BRM. What iv found is the key to surviving on pokerstars is using SnG (low variance)to fund MTT (high variance)because if you only play MTT you run the risk of going bust and will have to re-deposit. So i tend to play SnG during the day and play MTT's at night and i play sattys for bigger buy ins like the big 5 and 8 MTT's. Hope this helps DDumbup:


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            good advice, and interesting blog, will try it out myself
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              Yes, I do take the game seriously, no matter the stakes, I usually play $5/$10 blind live cash game or $100 tournaments where I'm doing really good, what I find really hard in the small stakes is that many players often call with trash hands, beating even monster hands in the turn and river, I don't know it just seems like I'm getting beat up a lot by thee hands.


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                Thank you Dr. Dorkin, it looks like a good guide, but I think 90 mtt have a high variance and it should be hard to build a good bankroll playing these only. I've played them sometimes but it's the same story, first table everybody goes all in with anything, sometimes they win, sometimes not, but I hate when I call with QQ and they win with 86 os, I don't know, maybe it's just my experience and I should play them more.


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                  Lol it happened to me again! blinds are 50/100 9 players table sitn'go, I reraise to 600 with KK, player goes all in and wins with a flush with 98, this is really crazy.


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                    I built mine from nothing, starting with the freerolls... it can be done. When building a bankroll, bankroll management is a HUGE key. To play a given level of tourney and not go broke when you hit a variance run, you need to have 100 buy-in's in your roll. EX: if you have $70, then you can only play up to 70 cent games. To be adequately bankrolled for $1.50 tourneys, a player should have $150 in it. Everyone's going to hit runs of 20-30-40 tourneys in a row where you won't cash.. they will happen and when they do, we need to make sure that proper bankroll management is followed, in order not to bust. Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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                      Originally posted by Famo8611 View Post
                      Lol it happened to me again! blinds are 50/100 9 players table sitn'go, I reraise to 600 with KK, player goes all in and wins with a flush with 98, this is really crazy.
                      A standard raise for that blind level is to 3BB+1BB for each limper. A raise to 600 basically tells an observant opponent that you have a monster or are bluffing.

                      Standard bets are a huge key in tourneys, as they keep the opps guessing as to the strength of a player's hand. Players that bet more with better hands and less with worse ones are basically turning their cards face-up to an observant opponent.

                      John (JWK24)

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               you are new, so Welcome!!, I am sure you will be guided through by the staff here who will look after you very well, but can i just add that a KEY part of my starting out was this Bankroll Management thingy!!! and if you just want a quick peek, look on youtube for a very short video by Chris Ferguson on Bankroll Management Gl- its great you are asking the right questions!!umbup:


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                          Yes, thank you, I forgot to write that he raised to 200 first, the I reraised, thanks for the answers.


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                            Its all about how you play them its about numbers not one game and being able to make the most of the profitable situations. yes you can go many games like what JWK says with out a cash but all the money is at the top, Iv had runs of 10 or more and no cash but iv also played a set of 4 and made 4 final tables again this goes back to putting in the numbers in 1 format because flitting between different games is not a good way to build a bankroll.

                            And you are on a low bankroll you need to follow good BRM so you kind of stuck to what games you can play the non turbo games take ages to complete for very little reward, the turbos might be a little higher in variance but if your playing 50c 90s and you can final table 4 out a set of 8 that's $4 spent and say you win 1($11.19) 2nd($7.49) in another and 4th($3.72) and 5th(2.71) will make you $25.11 for $4 spent and about an hours play.

                            And your saying about people calling you with trash hands i can tell you now this happens at all levels in all games not just the micro levels.

                            I read a quote from one of the mods here on PSO about BRM i think iv remembered it correctly
                            "BRM is they key skill to poker, If you use good BRM your poker skills on the table will then determine how much money you can make" I really liked this Quote because its so simple but so true.


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                              I agree with all the answers regarding bankroll management here, but if I have $30 in my bankroll I find it hard building a bankroll playing the $0.25 games only as they are large mtts and they have a very high variance, thats why I play $1.50 9 players stn'gos. What are your thoughts about this?



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