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  • KK first hand WSOP MAIN EVENT

    hey just wanted to know what would you do in this situation:

    (20,000 chip blinds increase every 2.5 hours)

    wsop main evet, first hand of the tournament you are on the button and you get KK.
    the the UTG player first to act shove all in everbody fold.

    do i call here ??? if yes or no please explain.


  • #2
    Like most of the poker related questions about strategy, there is no optimal answer.
    I personally would call, but I wouldn't be too glad about it, mainly because there are two cons with that decision.
    First the shover might actually have aces, which won't happen that often but still it's a possibility.
    And also best case scenario, if you are against a random hand, you will be out of the tournament 1 out of 5 times.
    Although it doesn't sound that terrible, the other players at the table might be huge fishes, which you could win their stacks without putting yours in the middle later on the tournament.


    • #3
      Personally I snap call here. KK is a monster hand and against such an odd play I think I would be well ahead practically all the time and be in good shape for a double up. And I'd like to point out this is a play I would make regardless of it being the first hand or the fact it's a $10k buy-in. Unless I have a solid reason to believe he has AA I'm making a very +EV play by calling and putting myself in a good situation to chip up and go for the win. In tournaments it's all about going for the win whether that's in the first hand or it's in day 6 of a tournament it's relatively the same.

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      • #4
        First off, UTG open-shoving there tells me that they're a clueless idiot. After that, I'm SNAP-CALLING!

        John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


        • #5
          IT DEPENDS!!!!!!!!!

          If you've entered a $1 satellite and qualified for the ME WSOP, sure go ahead and call, worst case scenario, you lose $1

          If you've been playing the ME WSOP every year for the last 20 years and plan on playing more of them and you've been buying in at $10k, go ahead and call, you've got the money.

          If this is your first time and your only time and you saved $10k for this bucket list thing to do, to me it's a fold.

          If you've set a goal to make it to day 2 and your next goal is to make it do day 3 and then to at least guarantee a min cash and then go for top prize, then it's a fold.

          The ME WSOP has very long blind duration, therefore plenty of time to build your stack

          The best players have a 20% ITM and a 5% deep run. This means that 1 in 5 tournaments you'll cash, in other words it could take you 5 tournament to at least min cash, that's 50k to try. To get a deep run, you'll need 20 tournaments to do so, that's 200K. Are you one of the best players? Do you have the cash backing?

          So really, it DEPENDS

          Now, personally, never played a ME WSOP and if I do, I'll probably play it only once, so I'll want to milk it as long as I can, therefore I would fold.


          • #6
            Bear in mind this is a hypothetical question so the answers you get may not match what people would really do in this situation. I know it is hypothetical because WSOP ME is 30k and 2 hour levels

            Shoving 300bb is horrible regardless of what you have or what action you think you might get. The main event is known for attracting weak players and non-poker players. Consider that in one of his books David Sklansky wrote about a strategy he gave a friend's daughter for playing the ME which was all-in or fold. That's a few good reasons to happily call.

            Some very good players think that you can fold even AA preflop in the main event because they have such an edge in the long run they don't want to risk tourney life even when they are bound to be way ahead. I think this is dubious, but it does suggest the opposite to what SandTrap suggests. If you had a great edge you could fold confident that you will have plenty of less risky spots to accumulate chips (it is only 30k, which in the grand scheme of it is not going to make much difference to cashing or going deep). If you aren't very good and are playing your one shot, you are unlikely to get much better spots - all the more reason to call.

            While I can understand a desire to maximise your main event time if it was your one time playing, I think passing up profitable spots and making unhelpful goals like try and survive the day are a good way to ensure it will stay your only main event.

            For me in this spot I call unless I get some kind of read as though this player would only be doing that with aces, I would talk to this lunatic if they are silly enough to shove 300bb, probably silly enough to give something away.


            • #7
              dèja vu, started a similar type of thread....but on topic, i have 100% of myself, i've saved and bled blood and tears to get here, and it's my 1st WSOP, I'm folding.

              There, I said it................sigh.
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              • #8
                I seen KK folded to AA in a live game but the way the betting went it was obvious one of them had the AA. The raises where so small by each player it was a betting tell by both of them on the strength of their hand.

                I'm squirming here but I need more info on villain, I'd certainly watch how he plays future hands. I think the WSOP is so deep and clock is so slow then I can get away from it. In my pub poker where it's regularly shoved with rags then I'm snap calling with 99
                Bracelet Winner



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