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Trivia turbos

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  • Trivia turbos

    Hi guys and gals

    Im ok with the satellitte aspect well more so than the turbo part

    But how on earth do you/should you play in these ?

    I always lose..and i do mean always i must have had at least 8 goes by now and never come anywhere near

    Im ok at other types of tournaments

    I have had allin T9s v T8s he hits the 8

    also Ak v AQ...he hitsthe Q

    I did manage to build a biggerstack but that was when i got it in behind

    They do seem very loose so I think I should tighten but as it a turbo you cant be too tight for long cn you?

    Ive heard any 2 can win and in these literally i see it most games


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    A few of us in the PSO Members Chat group on Skype have been playing these games. Basically, they're flippaments. With so much shoving going on right from the start, you have to gamble it up, because the structure is too fast to sit around waiting for a hand. Quite how wide you shove/call depends on how your table is playing, but 88+/AQ+ has been working reasonably well for most of us. Once you get 10k in chips, you can usually timebank your way to a ticket, but it depends on the size of the field.

    I think I've played 6 and won 2 tickets. Others I know have 3 or 4, but I'm sure they would happily admit that they had luck on their side when they went deep, and very little skill was involved, other than observing that particular opponents on their table are playing uber-loose and stacking off light.
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      Hi thanks

      i been gamblin g it up never hit 10k had 8k once

      thinki been bit to loose or carddead but lot bad luck

      gl goign n 1 in few minutes so glad u replied in time and i checked back


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        just so peopledont think ohh he just moaning i attempt for the first time ever to post a boom thingy here...

        hope it worked

        triped up from 1 bb to 3 bb later with TT then utg allin Q9s i have K6o i call he turns straight go figure

        turbos are not for me then again it was free but i could have been doin other stuff lol

        did i misplay the hand?..i sene peopel so loos ein these

        anyone ever folding here?
        Last edited by rolo834; Fri Aug 16, 2013, 03:18 AM. Reason: askin 2 questions


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          Ever folding KK pre-flop in a freeroll flippament? Um... no. Just no. I'm stacking off many worse hands in that spot. I saw villains going all in with hands like 84o and 75s, so KK is a fist-pump shove. You were just unlucky to run into the one hand that had you in bad shape.
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            Thanks Arty i doubt everythign in these turbos

            just the way i been running recently/lately in soon a si go tKK and he riased preflop I thought uhoh hpe it not aces but i aint folding

            when he 4 bet i was thinking AA even more ...i msu be due some luck or maybe i recently had lots and wa sdue bad run who knows....i did read/hear somewhere you can fold KKin satty ...after i posted my question i thought to myself nah he could have had QQ or JJ or AKs AKo

            by the way is this what ranging means?

            Really frustrated have 2 small blogs written and cant get i tto work lol...but Paul is hopefully helpign me on that.I watched th evideo but it different on my screen

            no worries....i think i sent in 4 or 5 blogs all similar same but only latest is 1 i want for now

            ad maybe the pic thing i want is impossible to do ...Royal sai dhe help me out tomorro




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              Quote: "by the way is this what ranging means?"

              Yes. Each action a villain makes helps you to narrow his range. When you 3-bet a player, he will fold some of his opening range, and usually only continue with the better hands in that range. In trivia freerolls though, ranges are so wide to begin with that I wouldn't give much respect to an UTG opener unless he has tag/nit stats. You're correct to assume that in that hand, villain would probably get it in with JJ+/AQ+, and your kings are still a favourite against that range.
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       startin to understand the lingo even more this way I can get more out of the training

                I had no stats was only second hand in game..but i see generally yu say oh he UTG so he should have a strong range(so much wanted to type strong hand there)...and when he 4 bets his range narrows some what depending on player type kind of

                So if w e had stats on him and he was very tight we could further narrow him down


                if he was a maniac we can only narrow him down somewhat

                I guess as they are freerolls it does make people do some strange things what I mean is if it was a $100 buyin they wouldnt be 4 betting with A2o ever unless its one of them levelling wars

                I sometiems make some good plays but to improve im tryign to learn the theory behind the plays



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                  finannly manged to get in 1 of the 5 finals........out most of tomorrow visiting other side of th efamily sodoubt i can play in them tommoro



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