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Ask Jared Tendler - The Mental Game of Poker

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  • Ask Jared Tendler - The Mental Game of Poker


    If you haven't heard of them already then PokerSchoolOnline would like to introduce to you Jared Tendler and Barry Carter, authors of the 'Mental Game of Poker' books.

    Barry & Jared

    If you would like to find out more about Jared and Barry check out their website

    Both Jared and Barry have kindly offered to answer any 'mental game' question you may have here in this thread.

    Poker as we know can be a mentally exhausting game. Have you ever suffered tilt? Find it hard to grind multi-tables for hours on end? Ever wondered how on Earth those Supernova Elites do it?

    If the answer is 'Yes' to any of the above then Jared (JaredTendler) and Barry (Daveshoelace) are here to help so give them a warm welcome and get posting your questions.

    Team PokerSchoolOnline.
    Team PokerSchoolOnline - Administration

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    Hello again,

    Here's some more good news for you.

    Jared and Barry have kindly offered to giveaway 3 FREE COPIES of either of their books to 3 lucky PokerSchoolOnline members during the month of August.

    The top three best member questions asked, as judged by Jared, will each win a copy of his book, one book per member.

    Best of Luck!

    Team PokerSchoolOnline.
    Team PokerSchoolOnline - Administration


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      I have played poker of various forms for 40+ years. But I still find that I tend to talk myself into very poor plays on too many occasions when I ponder a situation more than about 20 seconds. Is "Study long, study wrong." actually true?


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        This is great, I love the books.
        They definitely have helped me to improve my understanding of poker psychology.
        I have only one question for the guys.
        If and when is the TMGOP 3 coming, or if they plan on writing a different poker theme book?


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          Thanks very much.

          Jared will be along later (you don't want me answering your questions lol) - but awesome first question TrumpinJoe


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            Originally posted by GamblingProp View Post
            This is great, I love the books.
            They definitely have helped me to improve my understanding of poker psychology.
            I have only one question for the guys.
            If and when is the TMGOP 3 coming, or if they plan on writing a different poker theme book?
            TMGOP 3 is not currently planned. Book 1 and 2 essentially covered the breadth of Jared's theory, originally they were going to be the one book but it would have been way too long.

            However, fans of the books may be interested to know that there is something being created which takes his work one step further, with a view to it being released (hopefully) early next year. Can't say more than that I am afraid.


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              Welcome to PSO! It is great to see you both here

              I become a bit insecure whenever I have a downswing lasting more than 5K hands, about a weeks worth of poker. Do you have any good advice for differentiating between "running bad" and "playing bad"?

              In these situations I don't want to change my A-game if I am simply "running bad". Yet, I don't want to ignore the obvious if I am "playing bad". Either way, downswings do take a toll on my confidence level.

              I am a profitable cash player. I use HEM2 and review my stats actively.


              Roland GTX


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                Hey Barry!

                I know that my goals aren't necessarily optimal for a variety of reasons
                Since lots of us have goals/challenge threads it would be really useful if Jared can say a bit about how to set effective poker goals.



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                  Like TrumpinJoe......I have been playing for years, that being said......

                  Here's my question......

                  talking/reading about badbeats/suckouts help in any way?

                  My 2 cents on the matter....I like to answer my own questions think I know it all...hiccup

                  I think they don' one wants to hear about them, and not understanding they can happen is a major leak...IMO

                  I stopped reading and talking about them over two years ago and I no longer tilt.

                  Cheers man
                  Poker Rule #1....Never listen to me...hiccup

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                    Hey guys, welcome to PSO!

                    Are live trainers eligible to win book copies? I have read other publications on the mental game but not yet Jared and Barry's work... I would love to review even a kindle copy

                    At any rate here is my question. Typically when we talk about the mental game of poker we address the negative times... downswings, variance, losing streaks, and running bad. And for sure it's critical to deal effectively with these aspects of the game. And we somewhat understandably forget about the positive times. So how about the pitfalls there (which poker players often don't see coming)? In my experience a player running good, in an upswing, etc often runs into things like over-confidence, over-estimating one's abilities, laziness (not working on one's game), bankroll management issues (playing above their roll), etc. What are some good methods for avoiding some of the pitfalls that a stretch of run good can bring and keeping a level head?
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                      Hi Jared and Barry.

                      I'm a winning player, but I've stuck to the lowest limits for a long time and I think the main reason is that I'm naturally risk averse. As soon as I start playing for "meaningful" amounts of money, I think I play too cautiously, as I find the game a little bit too stressful. I know of the saying "scared money is dead money", so I'd like to know if you have any advice for risk averse players like me?

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                        Hi Jared and Barry,

                        I'm working through back issues of the Mental Game Radio Podcast from episode 1 and now onto the Gavin Griffin show. I've a lot of material to go through still but I'm getting through 2 episodes a week and thoughroughly enjoying it

                        This post really couldn't have come at a better time as I've realised a mental issue I've probably had since I started playing poker. I also haven't heard of this issue in your podcast at least up to the Gavin Griffin show.

                        I'm a bankroll nit and still stuck at micro stakes. I can beat these stakes but every time I move up I have a habit of moving back down when things don't go my way and "protecting" my wins.

                        For instance I played 50c 45 man games with a ROI of 35% in over 500 games but when I moved up to $1.50 my ROI dropped and after a few games I took it hard and moved back down.

                        Another example, I like Limit Holdem and had a winrate of 7BBs/100 in 7,000 at the lowest level. After something I read on 2P2 I moved to 25c/50c because I had the bankroll. Things went well until I hit the inevitable downswing. Instead of grinding it out and playing to my actual bankroll, I protected what I had and moved away from Limit altogether.

                        I understand about variance and realise that luck won't always go my way but I also know that my game is OK and I'm playing at a level well below where I should be.

                        Another point is I've came from a freeroll background and even small amounts of money mean something to me. I've a habit of lifting out some of my bankroll and spending it, leaving enough in my account to build up from the lowest level where the inevitable cycle starts over again.

                        I don't mind taking stabs at higher level BTW, I just don't feel comfortable staying there. It's frustrating because I know I could be playing much higher.

                        It's definitely a mental issue.

                        Many thanks

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                          Hi Jared and Barry,

                          I have a question on concentration, I like a lot of online players multitask when playing poker, if I am in a tournament or a long session I like to listen to an Audiobook or Podcast.

                          Do you think listening to music is too distracting or a relaxing aid to concentration, or is this a "it depends" type of deal

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                            Wow, great question Dave. It was similar to what I was going to ask, so I'm going to change it up. :P

                            I'm a firm believer that the difference among the top players is their mental game. They all have nearly the same skill but their approach mentally to the game is what sets them apart from the "second tier" players. Is this true and what is that "something" that makes them stand out from the rest of them?

                            Thanks for your valuable time and advice!



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                              What a great opportunity this is to get some valuable advice so firstly I'd like to say thank you to Barry and Jared and welcome to he PSO forums. I think you may have your work cut out for you.

                              Already some great questions but hopefully I can ask something that will benefit everyone too. I was wondering how do you separate poker from your personal life? I'm sure we all have real life issues such as family/relationship problems or other problems from time to time. Is there some advice or tips you can give on keeping these problems from affecting your mind set while playing poker?



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