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Game analyze with HM2

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  • Game analyze with HM2

    Hi everyone!

    How do you analyze your game using HM2 (without Leak buster or any additional soft?)

    Is it reviewing your big and medium lost pots in the hand replayer?

    Or using some standard or advanced filters?

    Is there any method difference if you play NLHE or PLO/PLO8?

    For example, I played 6K hands of 0.02 PLO8 (I know that's not what's called a distance, but anyway..) and lost $12. My average All in EV is only 45% (if HM2 is accurate about that, which I also don't know how to check).

    So what are the spots I should look at first of all to see where the biggest leaks are?

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    Dave made a video on this subject back when he was using HEM1. See here:

    I like running various "quick filters" in HEM2. I like clicking "More Reports" to make sure I can see the "Position", "Holecards", and "Hand Groupings" reports and then I choose "More Filters" and pick one of the following from the selection in the bottom right of the screen: 3bet, Call vs 3bet, Cold Call pre-flop, Steal etc.
    By going through the filters and looking at big pots you either won or lost, you can analyse where you might have some leaks. For example, you might focus on "Suited connectors" in the hand groupings report and then select "cold call pre-flop" as the filter, to see if you're doing well/badly with SCs when you go speculating. If you found you were doing particularly badly with certain hand groupings, you could request a hand analysis on a particular hand that serves as a good example of where you might be going wrong.

    Over 6000 hands, you won't be able to discern major trends because you won't have a large enough sample size. But if you can play 10,000 hands or more and then post your positional stats (so you have something like I posted HERE), then I'd be happy to take a look at them.
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      Thanks for the link, Arty. And I do appreciate your offer. I'll just highlight this again - I play PLO8. Do you also make reviews of this game?


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        I'm afraid I have very little experience of PLO8 and don't have the Omaha component of HEM installed, so I have no idea what "good" stats would look like. However, you can post hands for analysis in the Omaha section of the forum. Cannon Lee and The Langolier are solid in that game.
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          Thank you, I'll ask the question in Omaha section, but if anyone has some thoughts to add to this thread, it will be appreciated.



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