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AQ/AK - 2NL Cash Games

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  • AQ/AK - 2NL Cash Games

    HI all,

    A question about playing AQ maybe AK.

    I always try to isolate with these hands if I get limpers and with lower hands like KQ depending on position, but if I get a raise before me and a few callers, I tend to just call regardless of the type of villains (tend to forget villain types sometimes as I am thinking about other things - still new to the game) - I have not thought about strategy with these types of hands.

    Should I be 3-betting with a raise and callers to isolate with these hand types when there are a load of loose-passives, etc, if so what would be the lowest hand we should do this with? - I am thinking that depending on position again hands like KJ, KQ, etc should go in the muck as we are probably easily dominated facing a raise from certain positions, or do we still play hands like KQ if we are on the BTN say only looking to make straights or flushes, then again, we could be easily dominated with sratights and flushes (nut flush, etc). Also would you do this with TAG, nits, etc?

    Or, do you call thus having a multiway pot as AK/AQ still possible to make straights and I guess villains might find it more difficult to put us on these types of hands. Do they perform well multiway?

    This is for 2NL cash games.


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    In full ring games I'd generally only 3-bet when there's a raise and a call if I have a legitimate monster (AK/QQ+), but it depends on the first raiser's position and tendencies. If he opened in EP or he's a nit, then it's best to flat call with AK/QQ. With hamds like KQo, AQo, I'd usually fold to a raise, as - like you say - those hands are easily dominated. Those hands might become calls if there is a raise and two calls and you're on the button, but I'd much rather cold call with hands like 55 and 76s. Jut be aware that in multiway pots, the winning hand is usually stronger than in a heads up pot, so if you play AQ/KJ, you typically need to make at least two pairs, if not trips+.

    The hands that other callers have are unlikely to be strong, so when you're considering playing a hand, you should more or less ignore the callers and think about how your hand plays against the open-raiser's range.
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