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  • 74s

    Ive just read in a book that if you decide to 4bet vs a loose player in the blinds that 3bet alot that you can 4 bet with 74s and call an all in 5bet.

    How does it work that out?

    heres what it says

    One suggestion when 4-betting small is to do it with excellent
    hands and suspect hands, but not with pretty good hands. If you 4-bet
    small with AA or 74s, you have a pretty clear decision if your
    opponent pushes. But if you do it with AQ, you run the risk of
    making a big mistake. For example, if your opponent pushes with
    AJs, you might incorrectly fold.

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    Kill everyone is the book?
    And yes it makes sense because a 5 bet shove from the villain with AK will have your AQ crushed and will be a tough fold.
    Theoretically it makes sense if villain has AK, but very often you will be in trouble if villain has a pair higher than 66 and pot odds are like 3 to 1.
    So I can't suggest doing it, but if you believe that you have fold equity and that your opponent has something like AK, 74s is a great 4bet hand.
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      Its small stakes no limit holdem, that 74s 4bet play sounds like a bad idea to me. Its not something i will be trying, ive learnt a few things from this book so far and some other stuff has fixed my red line thats for sure, I might be over doing the aggression though so im giving poker a break until i read a few of these books.

      Im just taking notes then il revise them after ive read these books and jump back on stars, My vp has shot up to 21 with a pfr of 18 and af of 3.So it has helped there im stealing a load of pots but this green line has gone rock bottom. Alot of it has been coolers but i cant lie some of it is over doing the aggression, im cbetting dry boards knowing il take it down most of the time but for when they dont il barrel on overs and have to give up knowing im getting slowplayed and they end up betting the river.

      I should know better at 2nl zoom because every time i bet my monsters even on a board as wet as AdTdQh ive been getting folds so that tells me that all these zoom players at 2nl theres not many players floating there either drawing or they have a hand they are not capable of folding. So why im even barreling scare cards with air is anyone's guess i just cant understand how everyone is folding when i have something i cant even get a flop bet out of them and if i check and fire the turn there folding.


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        The quoted section doesn't actually say "call a shove with 74s". You theoretically could call a 5-bet jam with this hand if the pot odds make it +EV, however, especially if villain has AK in his 5-bet shoving range. After all, 74s has 39% equity against Ako. So if calling the 5-bet costs less than 39% of your remaining stack, it's a profitable call. AQ has much less than 39% equity against AK, so you'd rarely have the right price to call.

        I actually have quite a polarized 3-betting range, and rarely (almost never) 4-bet bluff at 2NL/5NL.

        By polarized, I mean I 3-bet with monsters and bluffs, and I call with medium strength hands. As a very basic example, let's say we're playing a game where the only hands you are ever dealt in the blinds are AA, A5s, 72, and AQ.

        A TAG opens on the button, and he steals often and folds to 3-bets fairly often.
        With AA (monster), I would 3-bet for value, and 5-bet jam if villain 4-bets.
        With A5s (semi-bluff, with blocker and equity), I would 3-bet as a bluff, and fold to a 4-bet.
        With 72o (junk), I would fold to the steal.
        With AQ (medium strength), I wouldn't 3-bet. I would just call for value.

        AQ is a better hand than A5s, so I don't want to 3-bet it, if it's never getting called by worse. 3-betting A5s and folding to a 4-bet is fine. In fact, it's an easy fold. 3-betting AQ and then having to fold to a 4-bet is a total waste of value.

        In more aggressive games, you have to 3-bet and 4-bet more often, both for value and as a bluff, so your light 3-bet/4-bet range might include hands like K2s or even 74s.
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          Thats like my line Arty i was just wondering what everyone thought on the 74s,i would also flat in the blinds with AQ, i need to work out some sort of strategy for blinds actually because you dont have many bvbs in zoom its either i make them fold pre or i fold a button steal or i flat in the BB vs SB and float most flops and take it off them when they check.



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