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  • pocket AA

    Could I get more?

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    If you want a full analysis of your play, then you should post the hand in the cash game hand analysis forum. Your play here is far from standard, and your bet-sizes are all over the place.
    Pre-flop, don't flat call. Make a re-raise to at least 18c (three times the original open) for value and to disincline over-callers. (AA is more likely to get cracked in multiway pots).
    Since villain made a squeeze to 30c, you should re-raise. A typical 4-bet sizing is 2.5x the 3-bet. Minraising to 54c is not a good idea. Make it 70c or so, as this sets up a great stack to pot ratio on the flop, because the pot will be large and the remaining stacks relatively short, so you can commit to stacking off with an overpair.
    You bet out for 8c into $1.18 on the turn. This bet makes no sense at all. It serves no purpose. If villain has a draw, you're giving him a bargain price to draw out. You should bet much bigger (between half pot and full pot) on the flop, for value.
    The T on the turn is a horrible card, because it completes a straight for KQ. Why on earth are you now overbetting the pot? You're almost never getting called by worse. About the only hand you beat that could call this overbet is QQ, but villain will show a set of jacks or tens quite often. Since villain folds here, I'm almost certain he has AK. Every other hand in his 3-betting range (AQ+/JJ+) is calling (OESD) or shoving (set, straight, or overpair).

    In future, think more about how to get value for your hand and stick to standard lines. Raise pre-flop (and try and get all in if you get re-raise), bet more than half pot on the flop, and only slow down if the board gets really ugly and stacks are still deep.
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      I don't understand this post?

      Why on earth did you flat call with AA here. Like Art said, AA is more likely to get cracked in a multi-way pot. Because you flat called you allowed others to speculate the pot value of calling or raising.

      Pre-flop against an initial raise ( in middle late pos), I would probably re-raise at least 3 times the raise. If I get re-raised, then get your money in good. This would get rid of junk hands and send a message, most players left to act should fold. In this situation you should have raised to about 20-23 cents.

      However, you flat called allowing another player to raise.

      Then on the flop, you bet 8 cents? This is simply a monumental mistake. On the flop he is priced in to call for 8 cents with any PP, or strong drawing hands that paired like, Q9, J8, 10 8. Or he/she might have flopped the nuts with KQ.

      Then when the board looked a bit scary you decide to put him all in. That's not poker! I think you were happy to show us your AA and get some good comments.

      Villain made a play, he raised in late pos, he called a weak pot bet, possible with outs, then folded to a shove. I don't understand this post?

      Could you have got more?
      I'd be more worried about how you might have lost a bundle (a bundle of cents anyway) with bad play.
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