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two pair vs. two pair

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  • two pair vs. two pair

    Hi all,

    I'm confused about this situation I always thought the highest pair wins and the second pair doesn't matter and it goes to kicker. So for example if:

    Player A has Q5

    Player B has 77

    Community cards are 4 A A 2 2

    Who wins?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Your hand is AA22Q his is AA774 the only time it wins by a kicker is if you both have the same 2 pair


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      The way to solve the problem is to always ask "What is the best five-card hand that each player can make using the board cards and either or both of his hole cards?"

      The best 5-card hand that Player A can make is AA22Q (aces and deuces with a queen kicker).

      The best 5-card hand that Player B can make is AA774 (aces and sevens with a 4 kicker).

      So player B wins. His aces and sevens beat aces and deuces.

      If the board had instead come 4 A A J J, then the player with sevens will lose. Using all 7 cards, he'd have "three pairs", but the best five-card hand for him would be AAJJ7 (aces and jacks with a 7 kicker). The guy with Q5 never made a pair, but using the board cards he'd have AAJJQ (aces and jacks with a queen kicker).

      Small pairs get counterfeited like this sometimes, which is why low-rank hole cards can get you into trouble. I've lost count of the times I've had a hand like 87 and the board comes 87522 and I lose to pocket nines that used the running deuces to make a better two pairs than my 8s and 7s.
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        Makes a lot of sense now. Thanks again for the quick and detailed responses!


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          Hi there

          Welcome to PSO,

          Good to see your using the tools here to improve already and looking to improve your game, thats what we like to see here!

          If you need any help making your way round the forum then just check out the video below -

          Hope you enjoy your time here!




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