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Abuse at the tables

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  • Abuse at the tables

    Its not often i get absued, but i have noticed a few players whos constantly are abusing other players like donk, idiot, banana(!) etc, well guess all off you know this problem. I dont get offended by it and i ignore it, by some other might, and most importantly it makes the atmosphere at the table really bad. At cash games ppl just leave.

    Some of the abusers try to make it look like they are proplayers, but i havent played against anyone who strikes me as a player whos been around a while being abusive. Guess its hormone filled teenagers who doing 95% of the abuse, the rest just dosent like being around ppl (...)

    Ideas; Courses/training will be a perfect opperunity to have a section etiquette. Pokertars do a promotion an common decent behavior. Make a awareness about the issue. Im sure theres a lot of possibilities here. Fir instance "a good behavior" reward of some kind (tickets, own behavior freerolls etc. Can be difficult to monitor this, but one way or de other it may actually be done.
    Im just throwing out suggestions, some might be bad, some might actually have potensial.

    Regard gelove

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    not much you can do really other than block the people's chat. I got called 'bingo judas' yesterday repeatedly, probably the most random insult I've heard, I don't even know what it means. I guess at the end of the day this is the Internet and some people are just d*cks on the internet.


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      Just turn the chat off unless playing a home game or friendly game with people you know.

      At normal tables I see no advantage to having chat on.


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        Originally posted by bhoylegend View Post
        Just turn the chat off unless playing a home game or friendly game with people you know.

        At normal tables I see no advantage to having chat on.
        Finding someone who may be on tilt?


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          Agree w/ joe .. lots of info from chat. I think the only reason for turning it off would be if it somehow what is being said tilts YOU.
          May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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            Originally posted by mtnestegg View Post
            Agree w/ joe .. lots of info from chat. I think the only reason for turning it off would be if it somehow what is being said tilts YOU.
            I agree! Way too much info to be gained from it that can be used against the opps. The only way I'd turn it off is if it's tilting me.

            John (JWK24)

            6 Time Bracelet Winner


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              Bingo Judas? lol
              EvokeNZ. i disggree. theres a lot we can do. a simple quiet promototion aginst it would help.

              I like having chat on, most ppl talking there are ok and not abusive. Easier to get a hold of a moderator til ex. kick the abusing person out, would work.


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                It's best to just ignore the idiots when they're just saying random stuff like "You idiot fish" (and it also helps you know who's on tilt), but if the abuse is sexist/racist/homophobic/threatening (e.g. "I'm gonna kill you!"), I think you can click the chip tray to call a table moderator and file a quick report. The moderator will often take away someone's chat privileges on a temporary basis or - if they are a repeat offender - be permanently chat-banned. (Mods are there to keep the games "friendly", because Pokerstars doesn't want new players to stop playing).

                I think you're right about most abusers not being particularly good players. While they might know a little about odds and outs, they often play quite badly (sometimes betting so small that they are practically asking to be sucked out on) and also don't understand just how much luck is involved in poker.

                Most of the solid regs either don't have the chat box open, or they are too busy on multiple tables to give it much attention.
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                  Originally posted by TrumpinJoe View Post
                  Finding someone who may be on tilt?
                  I play Zoom so I never really get to see the chat too much.

                  I think players who are aware though can use the image of tilt to their advantage too though.


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                    4 or more tables and it gets hard to follow anything in chat. But I would always leave mine open,because as Joe,MT and John said---finding players who are tilting in the chat box can be pure gold. And I'm telling you right now (John,brkn80,effsea and others who have railed me now and then back in the day know this...) if I saw someone blowing their lid at the table you can bet your ass I was getting the needle out and poking the donkey to my fullest advantage. Had many occasions where some goof would get sucked out on because of their bad play (Arty nails that---so many bad players bet so small and timid that they actually make it +EV,or at best very close,to draw on them,then they go ballistic when the player gets there...),lose their mind and I would try and get them focused on and pissed at me,then scoop their chips when they made their inevitable "spite" shove,as I called it.

                    The dumbest class of abusive players are the ones who lambaste the player and then tell them why what they did was wrong. Most times they're incorrect on this themselves but it's even worse in the instances where their critique is correct...first you take a beat and then you tell the fish WHY they were a luckbox,donkey,idiot,epithet of choice...that's just stacking -EV on top of a bad result. Always let them think they made some brilliant play,that way they'll do it again. And as often at not there's going to be a couple/few more card-carrying members of the Drool Bucket Brigade on the table thinking " I should try that...".

                    LET THEM!


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                      Originally posted by TrumpinJoe View Post
                      Finding someone who may be on tilt?

                      Grade b
                      I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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                        it's not just "bad players" that do it, I've seen a couple of regulars in Home Games get quite obscene when they get sucked out on and even when the other person had the stack size/pot odds to do it.

                        what I don't get is why spend the energy typing up an insult...

                        There was only one time when what someone else said tilted me and it wasn't even an insult, just a condescending way of talking. I ended up not playing for a couple of hours after that just fuming. Was in the PSO home game too which is probably why it upset me so much more.


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                          I remember playing on PKR and there was a particular player who constantly called everyone donks. Probably to get people on tilt. Even if they weren't involved in a hand in play. These people think they are being smart and getting under peoples skin. It kinda reminds me of some boxers today trying to take off Muhammed Ali but they are so stupid they just come up with generic school ground insults that bother nobody. When I first started playing I would always get drawn into their constant raises when they actually had a decent hand. Now I just fold and wait till I have something decent to put up against them. They end up being the ones who will get drawn in with the "no one will push me around" mentality even when they have crap in their hands. So just laugh it off and bide your time.


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                            Originally posted by TrumpinJoe View Post
                            Finding someone who may be on tilt?
                            Table chat can be useful.

                            I have learnt to ignore abuse at the tables. If a player is becoming too abusive I just call a moderator and the table gets a warning. If the abusive player continues to verbally abuse players, he will probably end up with a chat ban.

                            Table chat can be useful in that you get an insight as to what people are thinking. Things like, were you bluffing then, I think you have 2 pair, no way you have the A, ouch I almost called, and even those that actually ask for info, these people might comment "ouch I have 2 pair".

                            In a bricks and mortar game people talk and you can't stop them. In online games people will also talk but you have the option to block chat and control abusive chat. I personally like table chat. Like I mentioned earlier, you have the option to call a moderator to help assist with abusive players, trust me, they make unbiased decisions and these decisions are not open to negotiation. If a player gets chat banned, he/she is banned for that period.

                            I hope this helps you.
                            Last edited by Aus-Redda; Wed May 15, 2013, 10:10 AM.


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                              remember to call the mod if anyone is speaking russian or german (EVERY 5 SECONDS)

                              and then if its a chat mod with a hot name, chat her up, if not, chat them up anyway

                              i hope this helps.



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