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the ups and downs

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  • the ups and downs

    Hi guys

    Whats ur experiences when it comes to the ups and downs? I not gonna whine about it cause i know its a part of poker. But the last 3 days i have played about 8-10 tourneys, during this tourney i have been dealt extremely poor hole cards (actually a 16 hand run without any top cards at all in one tourney. Adding a handful off all-in with top pairs with no win on top off that, would u guys call this period a down? Guess there not any answer to how long a down might last. Any way to change it around, besides just keep on playing? Or, as i have done, take a break from poker all together for a couple off days...

    Regards gelove

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    First off, the old hedgehog is American, which means play money only. You may now ignore this post.

    Like you, I too have experienced those highs and lows. Can remember going almost 1,400 consecutive hands without seeing a pocket ten. Then there was the long streak of king-jacks, once every for hands for almost 500 hands. Losing streaks? Some have gone over fifteen games.

    You already know the two solutions. Play through or sit out. I recommend both, and have used one or the other at different times. When you know you're playing right, but getting trash, play. If you are beginning to doubt your play, take a break.

    Poker might be seen as recreational, but playing is still work. If you ever get disgusted with your work, think hard about change. Perhaps a different poker variation will rejuvenate you. I know everyone laughs at this suggestion, but try hitting the play money tables. Here you can vent your frustration at those river rats by playing like one. Hate those all-in donkeys or intimidators? Be one where losing doesn't affect your wallet. This is the place to try new strategies.


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      I try to not to let bad runs of cards get me down. If I'm getting emotional about it, I'll take a day or two off to cool down. I've played tournaments where I lasted 100+ hands and the best hand I was dealt was pocket sixes, but I've had others in which I had aces and kings back to back for three hands and gone busto in 15 minutes. Variance in poker is just crazy, and appears to defy logic, but it's pointless getting upset about something (random luck) you have no control over.

      When you're card dead you might have to be a bit more aggressive about stealing blinds just to stay alive in a tournament, but I'd normally just say "Oh well, not a lot I can do about my cards" and just accept the inevitable bust out.
      Everyone has downswings. It's not uncommon for winning players that grind single table tournaments to go 10 in a row without cashing. The cards you're dealt are random, but the length of downswings is related to your overall winrate or ROI. Slight winners and breakeven players will tend to have longer downswings. If you're on one of those, then taking time out to catch up with training sessions is probably more beneficial than trying to play through it.
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        Thanks for the feedback. I forgot to mention that im quite new to poker. I know it seems my "down" are not a big of deal, but for a newbie like me its gold to learn from more experienced players, and to know what to expect when it comes to this. As i said 8-10 tourney with down all together + some cash games.
        QUOTE ArtySmokesPS "If you're on one of those, then taking time out to catch up with training sessions is probably more beneficial than trying to play through it."
        Yes i am one off those... Have started the courses, unfortunately i rarely can attend to live training cause of timezones. Learned a lot from the courses, has improved my game a lot even tho i need to focus more on the courses.

        Play i lot off freerolls as i see it as good practice to try new strategies and try out some pointers from others. I truely hate all-in donkeys, sometimes it seems like they are there just to mess up the game for the rest.


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          If the training sessions don't fit in with your schedule, you can always watch the archived clips. You can learn a helluva lot by working through just the ones that Dave (TheLangolier) has recorded:
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            Thanks man, will do


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              Just to give you an idea that you're not that bad off, I'm playing 27-player SNG games and cash in about 30 - 40 percent of my games. That is enough to give me a profit.


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                To give you an idea about what to expect: Think about how you would feel if you walked outside and the sky was green and it was filled with flying pigs. How would you feel? In shock and disbelief you would exclaim, "This is impossible!" You then curl up into the fetal position so sick to your stomach your about to puke. A single tear runs down from your eye as you wonder if you have lost your mind.

                Yes... that is how bad the cards could possibly run out on you.

                Since your playing tournaments, I'm not sure if there is anything you can do, but just keep pushing on forward. If you feel like your going on tilt then taking a break for a couple of days can be a great idea. I don't play tournaments much, but from what I hear they are much rougher in terms of variance/luck compared to cash games. That is an important point to note, considering the mini-drama described above is about cash games LOL.


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                  Played a lot off SnG and cash games today, and im pretty god damn proud off myself!! Increased $20 to approx $80...



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