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    Hi everyone,

    recently i've been doubting if i played some hands correctly or just being too tight or scared.
    The ones from tonight are as follows: i'm the shortstack in both examples
    1: holding 4-7o in the smallblind, the blinds are at 50, a few call, some fold, i'm thinking what the heck i might get lucky, so i put 25chips in to see a cheap flop, the BB raises by 50 and i'm like, well screw it i'm not putting in more money, comes the flop: 4-7-7

    2: holding 7-9o in the BB, guy in EP raises by 1BB, a few call and i fold, comes the flop: 9-9-7

    did i fold correctly? Because these hands could've got me a bunch of chips so i could've stopped sitting as a shortstack the rest of the tourney.

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    Your post is an example of results oriented thinking. As TheLangolier asks "Why should you pay a premium to play a weak hand out of position?" Individual hand, or trial in statistics speak, are meaningless. It's the long term that determines one's success or failure. In the long term decisions are what matter. Keep making +EV decisions such as these and watch your bankroll grow.

    Good Decisions are +EV!


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      I agree with Joe. While any hand can get lucky every once in a while, it's a HUGE chip leak to be playing bad hands when I'm out of position. Being results oriented is not the way that you want to look at a situation. I want to make the best decision based on the current situation, as that's all that I can control. Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        Hey guys, thanks for the advice, i understand that these were +EV deciscions, I've been playing alot of touneys these days and sometimes it just gets frustrating seeing other people win big pots with hands that shouldn't even make it to a flop while i get to sit there shortstacked, having to fold hands i know are ahead just because i can't afford to call my opponents bets or raises(or bluffs) on the offchance they do have a better hand.
        I do end up ITM about 6 out of 10 times but it's so frustrating and stressfull playing shortstack from start to finish. And at the final table even more so.
        Any more tips very welcome



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