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Ohama Pot Limit

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  • Ohama Pot Limit

    Ohama quiz question but I don't understand.

    This is how the question kinda goes-
    It is 1/2 blinds. First player (utg) raises to 5. What is the max amount you can bet after?

    So I understand there is 3 in the pot and utg raises to 5-however, does that mean that utg just calls and so the pot becomes 5, or does it mean he called with a raise making the pot 8?

    Also when u are raising, do you double the pot and then add the big blind, or, do you double the pot and then add the small and big blind? OR do you double the pot and then add both blinds and anybody else after them who has called?

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    Pot limit can be quite tricky to get the hang of at first but is actually quite simple once you know how it works.

    Firstly about the raise to 5, the UTG is betting 5 in total so this make the pot SB + BB + the bet of 5, so 1+2+5=8.

    Now the concept of pot limit is that you can RAISE the amount in the pot. This means if there is action in front of you effectively call this bet which increases the pot and then you may raise up to the total amount of the pot. So in the example given the action before you is a bet of 5 and the pot is 8. So if you wish to raise pot you effectively call the 5 making the pot 13 (8+5) and then you may raise the pot (now 13) so add 13 onto the 5 meaning you may raise to 18.

    I know it may seem a bit confusing but try a few examples and it'll become very easy to work out. Hope this helps.

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      thanks Wow so clear now. When you explain it like that it really makes sense. Thank you umbup:


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        Another quick way to calculate your maximum bet size is to look at the money in the pot and add it to two times the last bet.
        So with your example, after villain's bet there is 8 in the pot, and his bet was 5. Double his bet to 10 and add the 8 that's in the pot and you get the 18 that is your max betsize.

        The interesting thing about pot limit games is that if you make a pot-sized bet or a pot-sized raise, villain will always have odds of exactly 2:1 on a call, so only needs 33% equity to make a break-even call.
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