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Preflop odds

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  • Preflop odds

    In a 9 table game if you're dealt AT UTG what r the odds that someone else has a better hand like AJ, AQ, AK, TT, JJ, QQ, KK, AA?

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    If you have Ad Tc, then the next player to act will have one of the 1225 remaining possible hand combinations. (There are 1326 possible starting hands, but if you have an ace and a ten, then there are fewer Ax and Tx combinations possible).
    A range of TT+, AJs+, AJ+ makes up 60/1225 of the remaing combos, which is 4.9% of hands.
    With 8 other players at the table, the chance that someone has a hand in that range will be roughly 8*4.9%, so about 40%.
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      The 8*4.9% is an approximation the works for 2-3 opponents but the accuracy diminishes as you add villains. The actual calculation for eight opponents is 1-(1-0.049)^8 which equals 33%. This makes the odds 2:1 instead of 3:2, so you need to adjust the estimates downwards a bit.

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        Chance of making straight and flush


        Please check the picture and I just want to know why the odds of 45 and J10 is a little bit more than other cards... ???!!!




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