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Profitable cash game tables

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  • Profitable cash game tables

    Hi there,

    Two weeks ago I made a deposit with the free20 promotion and set up a goal to reach up 100 dollars before trying anything fancy such as bigger stakes tournaments or cash games.
    At the begging I used cash games as a means to make 1-2 bucks for SNG or MTTs but I realised that cash game is the only type that provides income since I always bubble out the 9man SNG.

    So I decided to give a timid try to 0.2-0.5 cents NLHE 9 man cash games, but from what I've seen so far, they are fewer in numbers and in action. Most of the time a standard 3BB raise pre flop makes all the players fold. Now I know this means I can play a lot more loose, but it's very boring and I rarely see a river card since everything is sort of raise fold fold till someone calls, flop hits him or me and the other one folds. I even think that playing 3 tables of 0.1-0.2 cents tables brings a much more stable income taking in consideration the amount of hands I get to see in a 5cent table.

    Now I wanted to know what is your oppion on this matter, taking in consideration that my current bankroll is 50 dollars and somehow stuck at this level. Should I continue playing 2 cent BB cash games or search for other tables ?
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    To achieve a goal of a $100 bankroll, 2NL is the way to go. Much easier to show a profit, as you have experienced. Much less risky bankroll management wise. Once you hit your $100 goal you could then reconsider what stakes you want to play at that point. Though even at $100, 2NL is not a bad option at all.


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      The 5NL tables tend to be a bit nittier than the 2NL games (partly because many of the 5NL grinders graduated to that level by winning with a very tight style at 2NL) but if you can find a table with a bad player on it, you could win some big pots.
      If your winrate is better at 2NL, and the games are more fun, then you're better off staying there for a while. It depends on your skills, but I wouldn't move up to 5NL until your bankroll is at least $100, because a minimum of 20 buy-ins protects you from going busto if you hit a bad run of cards, and also stops you playing "scared".
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        Understand that I'm talking pre Black Friday when we Americans could play.

        My experience was much like yours. The 2-cent / 5-cent no limit games had too many maniacs. If a player made any raise pre flop, either the other players folded or responded with an all-in push. This assumed the first bettor didn't go all-in as happened all too often. I found it frustrating. You make the 3BB+ bet and capture nothing but the blinds. Nobody respected your bets.

        I had to move up to the 5-cent / 10-cent limit game before players respected the game. Yes, it was poor bankroll management, but the limit kept the crazies to a minimum. Note that I did not say "eliminated the crazies."

        You are doing the right thing. You found the SNG, STT, and MTT route didn't work. That leaves Zoom and ring. I'm thinking ring will give you a better chance at playing a proper game. If you're profitable at this level, consider adding a second table to your play. Most players told me multi-tabling was the only way anyone could make a profit at the micro stakes. These same people said "no less than ten tables at one time." Suggest you work up to that level. I played cash games for sixteen weeks and had just started my fourth table.


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          With your $50 bankroll I'would suggest you to stay at 2NL, until you grow your bankroll at least to $100 to $200, before moving to 5NL, depending on how do you handle your downswings. Like ArtySmokesPS suggests it, it's also important to have enough cushion for not playing scared. In order to get to those bankroll levels you would have played tens of thousands of hands which will prepare you for the next stake.

          On the other hand I would suggest you to try any of two things, in order to see which one better fits your poker skills:

          1. Play two, then three and eventually four 2NL full ring tables at the same time
          2. Give it a try to 6-max tables, which have faster pace and more LAG players (juicer if you can take advantage of their weaknesses)

          I'm now playing at 6-max cash tables with an started bankroll of $80 and after a month and a half (15.000 hands played) my bankroll is around $110... slow but steady!
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            Thank you very much for the friendly advice. I will keep going on the 2NL cash games and try to run 2-3 tables and see how it goes. 100 usd bankroll here I come !

            Good luck at the tables



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