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Help on hyper turbos

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  • Help on hyper turbos

    Hi, just got myself into a hyper turbo . $0.02 to enter 990 players.
    Does anyone have a link on how to go about playing these games?
    I came 135 but it was very difficult and total luck that I got there. It seems cause the blinds go up so much that it's less about skill and more about luck. Is this true?
    As a beginner is this a bad game to play?

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    Q: Does anyone have a link on how to go about playing these games?
    A: Simply push and pray.

    Q: I came 135 but it was very difficult and total luck that I got there. It seems cause the blinds go up so much that it's less about skill and more about luck. Is this true?
    A: Yes

    Q: As a beginner is this a bad game to play?
    A: It depends...

    seriously do yourself a favor and avoid them. hypers are interesting but those have a way to big field so variance will kill you mostlikely before you find out if you´re doing well or not and there´s not enough money in them to get you anywhere. i mean you have to make a final table once in 20 tries to be break even. in hypers with a field of 1k players that´s tough even for a well educated player. if you want to start with a nano buy-in there are 10cent games which are rakefree too and easy to play for beginners. the content you can find on this site is great for starting to learn and build a roll.


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      The 2c 990 hyper is a pushfest with some spectacularly bad play. I sometimes play it when I have 10 minutes spare and need a laugh, or if I want to test out some tweaks to my push/fold game, but villains have such bizarre calling ranges that it's kind of pointless.
      There's a thread in the Time Vault forums by someone that is successfully grinding the 10c 360-mans. There's more skill involved in those, but you certainly need some rungood if you're a total beginner, as only the top 10% get paid.
      I kind of prefer the 10c turbo MTTs that get about 4000 entries, as you can make the money by finishing in the top 500 or so, and it often just requires an early double up, then lots of folding to make it into the money, as desperate shorties go broke with junk.
      Generally speaking, a beginner playing a tight game as recommended by the basic PSO tutorials would benefit from a slower structure (blind levels of at least 10 minutes each), but there aren't many of those at the very lowest stakes. Maybe you could try the 25c 45-man and 90-man SnGs, if you have 50 buy-ins in your bankroll. You'll get plenty of play for your money, and will occastionally make the cash with a basic strategy, as the opponents in those are generally either way too nitty, or way too loose/passive.
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        Those .02 hypers you have to get lucky early in them as you simply can't wait around for a good hand or you'll blind out before you know it. IF you can get near the money bubble the play becomes a little less stark raving bonkers,but really in any Turbo format,especially the hypers,the variance will be wide.

        As a newer player though you're going to be a better pre-flop than post-flop player right now. Just how it is as learning board textures and reading post flop requires repetition and a lot of it to become more proficient. So Turbos WILL be a place where your going to be playing more to your current strengths and less to your current weakness.

        IF you can handle the inevitable swings and use proper BR management then dabbling with these isn't completely futile. After all,they play quickly,one win is 220 buy-ins,really any run above 7th is getting you a big return on just 2 cents. So if you don't let the craziness of the game get you tilty,I wouldn't say there is NO value in playing them. It's really up to you. Do some boning up on push/fold ranging and that will serve you well in the latter stages of these,which is going to give you an edge on most everyone in the field.

        The .10 360's are a fair bit better play,but it's still a .10 game and a turbo to boot so most of the players will be really bad. And the .10 freeze out MTT's Arty mentioned are definitely the best bang for your buck (or dime in this case )of these games. They run 3 times a day,at 4AM,10AM and 4PM EST and do get anywhere from 2k to around as many as 5k runners (the 4PM game is always the biggest field and does top 5k runners sometimes on Friday and Saturday). The great thing about these is that Stars adds $50 to the prize pool so it's the equivalent of there being another 500 players in the field payout wise whom you don't have to compete against. The .25 ($100 added) MTT that runs at 10PM every night is a great value-added play for the same reason. And that one is a standard,non-turbo structure. You'll see quite a few of your fellow PSO'ers in that one.

        A good tip I can give you Blackholden is to take a few minutes the next time you're in the main Pokerstars lobby to look around at all the games that fit into your current BR parameters and look at the structure of those games and the payout structure as well. Then as best as you can try to commit the bulk of your play to the games that suit YOUR skills the best.

        And have fun.

        Good luck/Better decisions.


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          I have had some luck

          I have played this one many times and the best I have done is 3rd, and a few places in the teens. I kind of wait out a pre flop until a pair above 5's and usually push in the first few mins. If I am not getting any Pocket pairs then and its pushing past 20 minutes in; I start playing aggressive with anything decent.

          I do feel like this is more like bingo poker at times but once the donks are out for the most part and in the top 100; I find it gets interesting.
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