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Extracting value from trips on dry board

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  • Extracting value from trips on dry board

    I would like a little help with this kind of situation. I know the standard answer in poker is often "it depends on the situation" but I would like to hear some general knowledge/advice (if there is any) on how to best proceed to extract max value from trips on a dry board. Here are two different situations from the 90 man turbo SNG's. and I think my question in general is, is it better to just bet and get value or trap and induce the bet from the villian (bluff or high pair) on later streets.
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    Hi mr mendes 20! I've done better with leading out (but it is going to be opp dependant). However, the one thing that I don't want to do is to open-limp them. An observant opp that sees an open-limp, then any bet at all is going to immediately put a set well within your range.... which will get it paid off much less often. Standard preflop raises (where opps won't immediately put you on a set) have done much, much better for me, as I get small sets like this paid off much more often this way too. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Like you said, it depends on opponent reads, board texture, depth of money, etc etc.

      In general, readless, the best way to extract value is to bet (or raise).

      It would be optimal in both these hands imo. 33 you've got a pot lead bet and call, they probably have a lot of top pair in their ranges here. When top pair is a 9, that's a lot of cards that can come off on the turn that will scare them. You got lucky this time the turn was a 7, and not a big card. 22 you're the preflop raiser and expected to c-bet, so c-bet.
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        Thank you coaches! In the 22 hand I pf raised from utg, and indeed should do a standard cbet, and the 33 hand I should pf raise as the first to act and not limp. I have to remind myself think doing what is expected...
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          Even more directly in the 33 hand look how an opening raise could have shifted the action...

          You lead out for your standard raise (3x,2.5x,2....whatever it is) and get the callers behind. Now this DOES open up the possibility of the 1010 hand in the BB raising us,which puts us in a tough spot pre-flop,but we can't KNOW they have 1010 and even in this instance they didn't see fit to raise with the 10's to 3 limps in front,so it's quite possible,maybe even likely that this particular player would have just called our raise pre flop anyway.

          We raise pre here and get this flop...well it hit both blinds,both got chips in and then the action moves to us...popping right back at then would be EXPECTED here,as we were the pre-flop raiser,so our strength isn't necessarily revealed when we do so. I think had we raised pre-flop in this particular hand and seen this flop with the action to follow we very well could have had both blinds stacks in the middle on the flop and not have to rely on getting a non-scare card to fall on the turn.

          Limping behind pre wih pairs we're looking to set mine is fine IMO,but when opening a pot I think opening for a raise is much the better choice. The times our set DOES hit we've already begun to build the pot so it's going to be an easier path to getting someone to stack off to us.



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