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  • Moving up

    I have qestion about moving up the stakes. lets say on 1-2 dolars I am able to make 12 per 100 hands and on 2-4 dolars I only make 8/100hands. I heared from many people that in that case I should stay on lower stakes and keep making more money. But as I was for a while playing football (socer) it makes no sanse to me to play below my ability . is it similar to talling Sunday leag player who scores 100 goals a season that he shouldn't go pro because he will only get 20 a season?

    I belive that if poker is not your main job you should move to higher stakes as soon as your bankroll alowes it and you can finish on + overall. I think that is only way to get better otherwise till the end of your day you are going to be a guy whu makes $12/100 hands on 1-2 stakes where otherwise with inicial "pay cut" you have chance to improve and in 2 years time be a guy who gets $50/100 hands on 5-10 stakes. However my logic is total oposit to what most people say here or on other poker forums. is there so flaw I can't see in my thinking?

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    Hi there Feniks,

    Bankroll management is a great thing to use to make sure you basically have no chance of ever loosing your roll, but if you feel confident enough to move up in stakes early i think you should do so, but obviously that always comes with a risk as you are putting in a lot of your bankroll into one game therefore i couple bad beats and a bad run can bust you.

    I think if you are confident enough to go for the big cash on the higher stakes then i say go for it and try and win the big bucks

    If your unsure on the correct bankroll management we have a tutorial on PSO

    Hope this helps

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      It helps a little bit. Qestion however isn't should I move on higher stakes withough bankrol with insuficient bankrol.
      What I want to know is: If I earn more on lower stakes is it wise to move on higher stakes and earn less but face tougher oponents and that way improve my play and treat is as an investment. I am casual player and poker is mostly hobby/spare pkket money rather than main source of income.


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        You might not have played enough hands at the higher stake to judge how accurate your win rate is.
        For me, I'd rather play softer games that produce a better $/hr figure, but you might find that if you keep taking shots at the higher stakes, your winrate doesn't fall that much in the long run.
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          If you're making more money for less risk I say the smart thing to do is stay at the lower stakes as your main game. There's nothing wrong with giving the higher stakes a shot every once in a while though but if you're not making more money I'd say the logical thing to do is stay at the lower games until you find you're making more in the bigger games. It's all risk vs reward.

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