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To much value for him to fold.

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  • To much value for him to fold.

    Supernova play. Guess I should have shoved preflop but wanted some action just not that kind.

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    I don't see much wrong here, a shove would have added to your stack but I think we want a decent sized pot in this case. One thing that would set the alarm bells with 3 callers was a possible set but I think we've got to take the line you took.

    In the end he's Supernova for a reason and I'll be playing him next month at $1.50 games with his nice shiny badge attached to him and giving him no respect.

    Unlucky but these things happen
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      I think he made a horrible call.
      Because you shoved, it's a simple pot odds calculation for him. He needs 27% equity to break even on a call. If he thinks you're doing this with AK, then he has 35%, but you're much more likely to have a pocket pair after 3-betting pre-flop and leading out on this low, wet board.
      All he's got is a gutshot and one over (that would still be no good vs TT+).
      If we put you on TT+/AK, you're going to win this 75% of the time.
      Board: 4:heart:7:spade:5:spade:
             Equity     Win     Tie
      villain    25.56%  24.20%   1.36% { Tc3s }
      Hero    74.44%  73.09%   1.36% { TT+, AKs, AKo }

      With the actual hands, your aces will hold a whopping 78.5%. Villain is obviously a suckout king.
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        Hi 3Karen3! Since I'm pot-committed with the raise, I'd have shoved preflop. However, the opp calling 5442 into a pot of 20004 (27.2%) is NOT a good play. They've got 4 outs to a gutshot (16% equity) and even if a 10 would make them good, it would only be 28% equity.... and I'm never counting a 10 as being good here. Just because someone is supernova, doesn't mean that they are a good player. While the overwhelming majority of them are very good players, I've seen some that obviously bought the stars and are absolutely awful. They may be good at another game, but have no clue how to play a NLHE tournament (I've even got one color coded as yellow... basically a clueless donk). Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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          Well yes, this villain does seem a bit of a donk. But that aside I still think shoving pre-flop is the correct play here. This big stack is maybe just getting cute and trying to throw his weight around and perhaps thinks a 3-bet from someone playing 20 BB effective looks weak. Shoving in spots like this pre will help prevent bad beats like this one happening so often.

          I'm more and more coming to the realisation of why all the sick high level pros have such an advanced and aggressive pre flop game. Basically once the flop is out you have about 71% of your hand after only one round of betting so you shouldn't let the donkeys realise more equity than they should.

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            bad day... will play aces the way you made them pot commited with gutshot

            lol @ villion....horrible bad play
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