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Open league Freeroll

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  • Open league Freeroll

    All the time the river card is awesome!! I play more on the phone and i can't save all hand . In this morning i was busted out kk vs A8o Flop: JT2 Turn: 3 River: A!! Awesome... i lost 27 points!

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    K5s is a fold for me.
    I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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      Why? I am IP and an have pot odds to call 160...! On the turn i jut bet pot! River is J now my kicker is to small i check , i don't bet because i am sure he call other 2k...I thnik is other bad bet....! With KK i go all in preflop and he call with A8o?? On the turn he have olny 6% to hit Aces. And he comes !!


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        Say the flop is AK7 rainbow? What will you do now? Even if you make a flush if the A isn't on the board you may not be in the lead.

        Part of the problem is your 5 those times its a K high board you are losing to someone with a K and a better kicker.

        If you had pot odds to call why did you not call? (you only have odds to call if your or opponent is all in.)

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        I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

        13 Time Bracelet Winner


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          What was your reason to raise K 5 suited preflop?
          Was it to steal or do you think you have a quality hand?
          I hope it was to steal.
          Very speculative hand with a lot of bad draws to it.
          Like the one that happened to you.
          What did you think your opponents called you with?
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            Because he have 20k....? and the pot is big i am sure he call if i move all in!
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              Fold pre. There aren't enough people in the hand to give the really good pot odds you need to go chasing a monster hand. You're more likely to hit a one pair or non-nut draw. You'll typically win a small pot with a pair of kings... or lose a big one to a better king or the nut flush.
              Playing the PSO league games, it's better to play super-tight. You earn points by playing like a rock, not by gambling it up with marginal hands.
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