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  • My stats

    Hey! I started playing recently on pokerstars and was wondering what my game is like.. I won alot since I started but tilted and kept playing and you know.. back to square 1! Anyway that's that.

    Here are my stats:
    Hold'em (Real Money):

    1893 hands played and saw flop:
    - 82 times out of 244 while in small blind (34%)
    - 103 times out of 249 while in big blind (41%)
    - 300 times out of 1400 in other positions (21%)
    - a total of 485 times out of 1893 (26%)

    Pots won at showdown - 72 out of 160 (45%)
    Pots won without showdown - 321

    Strong judgement more than welcome!!
    Thanks Paul

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    I'm going to guess that your stats are based on ring games, not the MTT, SNG, or STT games. Different games, different interpretation.

    My first impression was envy with a win rate between 20 and 25 percent since mine hovers around the 8 percent range. Then I noted the high number of wins without a showdown and your comment about retreating to "square one." It makes me wonder if your betting is too aggressive. That is, when you win, you're getting very little back, but conversely, your losses result in large cheque transfers.

    A second item is the SB. I am still learning what a "good percentage" is, but have heard others say it should be close to your overall percentage, closer to 25 percent. What this tells me is that you are most likely to call the blind since you are already half committed. A leak of my own when playing SNG.

    For the SB, reconsider your range. You might be opening too wide since you feel like not calling is an automatic loss. I'm not sure how wide your range is with rings, but if you're willing to play group five hands as a SB, try tightening to group four or better.

    I'll also admit to still being new to this type of player review and am even now accumulating my stats. A tip of the old fedora for amassing these statistics.


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      Hi there Paul

      Welcome to the forums,

      The information you have there doesnt tell us too much about your game but i suggest the first thing if you are a beginner is to check out some of the videos and articles we offer here at PSO....

      Bankroll Management Tutorial

      You can find all the tutorials we offer here

      Hope this all helps,




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