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pushing ranges

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  • pushing ranges

    A quick thread on pushing ranges, i see alot of people on forums asking for push ranges etc - everybody has there own ideas, there own ranges, alot of peeps have PokerTracker or HM - one quick way to find ranges is look at your above softwares and see what hands do well in each position - thats just a good starting point, and i feel over time you will add hands to your ranges.

    Go crush.

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    Ranges wil vary hugely from situation to situatin, and are dependent on many factors, including percieved image, (yours and theirs) villain tendencies, position, your stack size, (compared to blinds) stack sizes of villains left to act, blind increase frequency, whether or not antes are in effect, whether or not it's a bubble situation, whether your cards play well hot and cold, whether they play well against villain calling ranges, and other factors as well. So the query has a massive range of corrct answers dependent on those factors.umbup:
    May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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      I agree with all the above obviously - i was just giving a genreal guide line for new players, but at the micro,s people can sometimes over think all the situations above, due to eratic plays of villians. Bubble play is a prime example of this, do you really think that if i,am chip leader and push on 2nd biggest chip stack he,s folding 66+ a7s+ at+ kind of hands? tHEY call light because the money is not of great amount. I personally try to play correct, by the book rules, but recently i have changed my approach at the micro,s - to me ICM etc theorys and chip stacks and villians ranges can just add complications at such levels. Thats just my thoughts - plz feel free to express your opionions. umbup:


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        All in range, what do I know, depends on the structure,is it fast or slow, are my big's low.

        Is the opp loose or is the opp tight,I will shove over the top,as I know the opp will fear fright.

        Each and every day, we sit and wait for prey, hoping that the push, does not turn into a muck,

        Reads and desperation, with our backs against the wall, these
        are the only pushes we need to know,

        and may luck hold for us all.


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          I play. Micros too $1, 2, and $5 six mans. And yes I use those considerations. Which I believe puts me at a fairly significant advantage over most of my opps.
          If you knoe someone to be a folder of say Ax to a shove for his tourney life (even at. a $1 tourney) your range can be much wider than against someone you know calls it off in the same spot. People show what they think are their big folds all the time where I play, so I use that info and any other I get while playing to my advantage. My notes on players helps me hugely (imo) in future play. As long as your not thinking too many levels above your opps, (not a prob for me lol) you'll come out ahead of the game.
          Granted there is a lot of autopilot type situations that arise in these, but imo anytime you can analysis situations better than the other guy, you'll do better in the long run, so the more info you can process in the given time, the better.
          May the tinfoil protect you. MT



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